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Default Re: Wierdos

Some thoughts:

-You can get help from others with your "own self induced tilt." Yes, the buck stops with you, but there are people around who can help make you tiltless, or at least less prone to tilt.

-If someone is playing "suboptimally" it shouldn't result in you to play "suboptimally." That is, if we define a suboptimal player as someone who loses because they don't play well, you should be getting a portion of his losings. I understand that a player who limps in with every hand is impossible to read, because he might have anything. But the -EV of playing every hand would far outweigh the fact that he could hold anything since GIGO is an eternal truth in limit hold'em.

As for this hand, I would not have bet the flop. You're up against multiple opponents, one of whom is a kind of wild card who could certainly check-raise here.

On the turn, raising when picking up a flush draw is old news. It doesn't work nearly as much as it did several years ago. Plus you're up against an opponent who doesn't fold very much on the turn. I can't really see winning this pot against these two unless you end up with the best hand.
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