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When playing against someone who folds the river too much and in odd situations, it's gotta be +EV to build pots on the turn with big semi-bluffs (like this).

I feel the pressure you put on the LP player by raising has also got to be good, because its very easy here for him to make a big mistake with a better hand. Finally in the worst case where LP calls and the wierdo 3-bets your draw equity is far from catastrophic, you have to have at least 10 outs.

Also, I was not the villain in this hand but the description is similar to the image I work to project at the Commerce 20/40 - hyper-aggressive, extremely confusing to play against, and impossible to bluff.

It works because passive players get annoyed at you and start ceding pots without a fight, and aggressive players get annoyed at you and start playing much worse hands to get back at you. And solid players pick you apart hand by hand. Therefore, for it to work well, you need a table of mostly suckers and very few solid, patient players.
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