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Default Pushbot Charts -- Picking the Ranges

For those of you familiar with the pushbot charts -- there are three ranges in them, labeled Tight, Average, and Loose. I dug out the charts again and I think the ranges might not work anymore. It seems to me that people are calling a lot looser than they used to. Anyway, if you guys want to suggest different ranges, I can work up another set of charts. The original ranges were:

Tight: 66+, A6s+, A8o+, KQs
Average: 22+, A2s+, A2o+, KQs
Loose: 22+, A2s+, A2o+, KTs+, KJo+, QJs, QJo, JTs

What do you all think should be the ranges? Just don't suggest any two for the loose range, because the answer to that is that you push hands that are better than 50% against a random hand.

Here is a link to the charts: Pushbot Charts
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