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Default Re: How my line during this hand?

Meh, I c/c the river. We are really only getting value from worse Ks and there aren't that many in his coldcalling range.

After he calls the turn, his most likely range is something like - random FD's (including Axdd), A4s, A5s, KJ, 56s, 54s, 22, 33.

If we bet the river and get called we usually are not going to have the best hand. So I think we need to check and give him the chance to desperation bluff most of his missed FD's and 54s. The little value we miss out on is overweighted by the fact that he has us beat a vast m majority of the time.

Kinda wierd though if he did have a FD or any sort of combo draw or an Axdd type hand, why he doesnt just shove flop or turn? Considering his small stack.
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