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Default Re: 78s blind vs blind - i flop bottom straight and he likes his hand

i did some holdemranger calcs against his likely worst senario ranges
of A2c+,SCc,KQ, J8,JT,J9,T9,T8,98,
if you give A2c+,SCc,KQ 25% of the time you Equitie is 71%
bump them to 40% your Equitie is 67%
Bump them to 60% and your still looking good

The problem is your not going to be able to narrow his range down until you bet turn and even then because its Bvb and he has a bug for you, and given stack sizes your not really gonna be able to fold.

And when anyone tells me i raise to much preflop in chat.... I love to keep at em, till i drive them demeted [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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