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Default Re: 78s blind vs blind - i flop bottom straight and he likes his hand

I think the flop play is good, you can narrow down his range to: 2pairs, pair+gutshot & bare flush draws. it wouldn't make sense for him to have over+fd.

Given he didn't push the flop, his hand is beginning to look more like a draw (I'm going to disregard sets as part of his range, we can agree he's raising 88+ in the bb.

There is no merit to bet/folding - because he's some times going to shove pairs which now have redraws to the flush + his made flushes.

C/c, c/r are essentially the same line given stack sizes. He's going to freeze up with his 2pair hands and not bet. [To counter this- you may want to bet/call]

Given you're drawing dead to better straights or flushes (which aren't likely I think a fair is in line).

[/ QUOTE ]

I said b/c for diff reasons. First, it's bvb, and people get way to aggro for their own good there. Secondly, he doesn't seem to respect your play. So he may have:

1. an average hand he's calling down with because he doesn't believe you
2. a good made hand that he decided not to 4 bet since you may be FOS

Both of these hands could shove over your turn bet, because he sucks and also because he may not want you to keep drawing to whatever it is you might have.

So, I think you're well ahead of his range, and his raising range on the turn, so I think it's a b/c.
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