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Default Re: 78s blind vs blind - i flop bottom straight and he likes his hand

I think the flop play is good, you can narrow down his range to: 2pairs, pair+gutshot & bare flush draws. it wouldn't make sense for him to have over+fd.

Given he didn't push the flop, his hand is beginning to look more like a draw (I'm going to disregard sets as part of his range, we can agree he's raising 88+ in the bb.

There is no merit to bet/folding - because he's some times going to shove pairs which now have redraws to the flush + his made flushes.

C/c, c/r are essentially the same line given stack sizes. He's going to freeze up with his 2pair hands and not bet. [To counter this- you may want to bet/call]

Given you're drawing dead to better straights or flushes (which aren't likely I think a fair is in line).
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