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Default Re: Should the PPA accept membership/backing from bot providers/users?

Guilt by association, eh Bluff? I was taught a long time ago the fallacy of that kind of thinking. I never suspected you of being one of those "politically correct" types Bluff, but apparently you are, or your dislike of the PPA has led you to become one.

Openly discussing ideas with people you disagree with, even people you despise, is a hallmark of free speech and I am proud to stand up for it. Even the right of David Duke to speak, yes. Even a bot enthusiast. I will NEVER agree that policing (should I say "purging") posters or members for their willingness to toe the party line is a right or good thing to do.

In response to TT:

I have to say you apparently havent read the legislation, or at least have not followed the details of what is supported and not supported.

If the Wexler skill games bill is passed AS WRITTEN it will be glory days for online poker all over again. All current sites could stay, new sites, even from the US, will develop.
No new taxes, no new regulatory agencies...I challenge you to find one fault in the Wexler bill. And this is the bill that is gaining momentum in congress, thanks entirely to the efforts of the PPA and NO ONE ELSE.

The other bills talking of POSSIBLE vast regulation are stalled, do not comply with the WTO decision, and are far from their final versions. The PPA supports moving those bills forward and addressing these legitimate concerns.

Under the US Constitution's commerce clause, ONLINE poker MUST be the subject of federal law. The Feds could (they have not yet) explicitly turn the subject back to the states. But until they do that, it IS a Federal matter because it is Interstate Commerce, no legal question here at all. Also, the WTO demands a Federal law on the subject.

Where in the context of making poker explicitly legal is there a difference between what the sites want and what the players want? You guys always and repeatedly bring up this subject, BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO SHOW A SPECIFIC AREA WHERE THE PPA SUPPORTS SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE SITES (or the "affiliate farms") THAT IS AT THE SAME TIME BAD FOR THE PLAYERS. As they say in Missouri "show me."

Finally, great idea to have an organization that is just a players organization. I would join it in a heart beat. I could probably even give it $25 or $50 (once it can take my credit card). SO I SUGGEST YOU START SUCH AN ORGANIZATION: go and raise the money, get the word out, hopefully Mason will help, at least let you openly advertise, maybe even for free, here on 2+2. PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

The PPA is the only thing that is out there, it has done some very good things so far, has failed at other things, and it can still be made better, but it would not exist at all (and thus we would still have nothing but a bunch of whining forum posts to show for the cause) BUT FOR THE EFFORTS OF SOME INDUSTRY INTERESTS WITH THE MONEY TO GET THE THING GOING.

Really, can you honestly think the poker world would be better without the PPA? Love the current online situation? Even if you are personally OK with it, wait till the DOJ goes after Poker directly - it is only the efforts of the group of us, which currently is being advanced in an organized way only by the PPA, that is slowing that, and even then it will not work without continued support.

So go ahead and trash the only thing out there working to protect the game. You guys who live near casinos will be OK, and you guys who never need to move money online will also be happy (until they take the next step when this one doesnt stop you). And who cares about the rest of us anyway?

Of course, I am forgetting, there will be true players alliance financed by BluffThis and TT that will make all of our current troubles meaningless and, like the fabled cavalry of old, come riding in from the west to save the day. God I feel so much better now.


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