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Default Re: Should the PPA accept membership/backing from bot providers/users?

The PPA forum just has more respect for free speech than you do, apparently, Bluff. I would never support banning anyone from a free-speech discussion forum based on who they were or what they did elsewhere or what they supported.

If someone from FOF started (openly) posting here, should 2+2 ban them?


[/ QUOTE ]

And just how much "free speech" are you legally or morally entitled to either here or in the PPA forums? Does the PPA have to accept just anyone as a member even if that member reflects badly upon them? Think allowing David Duke to be a member in good standing of your political party even if you place "limitations" on him.

Note to Kew: I admit I did not read discussion about that guy and only saw a) he is a poster, and b)has made recent posts and is thus a welcome member. Which is all that matters.

Note to Berge: being in politics I can't see how you don't think it important to the public perception of your member in Congress, of whom he associates with. It's the same principle here. And while this issue might be far down the list of issues with the PPA, and thus why you think it a cheap shot or petty, notice that precisely because the PPA forums don't get squat for traffic that the poster in question appears to have a much bigger presence in, and thus backing of, the PPA, to a random observer.