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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread


Date Opponent Time/Result
Sep 2 Northern Colorado Won 63-6
Sep 8 @Louisiana Tech Won 45-44
Sep 15 @UNLV Won 49-14
Sep 23 Charleston Southern Won 66-10
Sep 29 @Idaho Won 48-20
Oct 7 Utah St. Won 52-37
Oct 12 @San Jose St. Won 42-35
Oct 28 New Mexico St. Won 50-13
Nov 10 Fresno St. Won 37-30
Nov 16 @Nevada Won 28-26
Nov 23 Boise St. Won 39-27
Dec 1 Washington Won 35-28

[/ QUOTE ]

How many mid-level teams from major conferences could win all of these games? What about another mid-major like Central Michigan who actually played some decent big conference teams? Yes, they won the games and that is important, but seriously - this schedule is FULL of creampuffs.

I think Hawaii should get (and will get) a BCS bid, but they will most likely get mauled, but it will be an interesting game to watch.

[/ QUOTE ]

There might be 30 teams that could go undefeated against that schedule.

[/ QUOTE ]

You haven't provided one solid point of proof for anything in this thread.

Name 20 of those 30 teams and give reasons why you think they would. Or don't, and just say "haha" because you must be drunk tonight the way you're talking straight out your ass.
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