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Default Re: I win more on weekends in VEgas than weekends in LA.

Aside of the sufficient number of hands issue, another thing may be that OP plays a style that is more suited to the Vegas game. Perhaps he does not adjust his game to table conditions. In particular, I often think that a very aggressive player at the Bellagio $15-30 can run over a table(even more so at the Mirage $10-20). Playing this style at a loose aggressive Commerce $20-40 without premium pf holdings will get you killed. While KJ and that sort of hand is a mediocre hand in the Commerce game, due to fold equity, it can be an extremely strong hand in some of the Vegas mid limit games. As a further difference, it is relatively easy to narrow down the range of many of the Vegas players. Many Commerce players are total random wildcards.

FWIW, I play markedly different styles in Vegas vs. LA and my results in Vegas are good, in LA they are oustanding. I believe that the LA games are more profitable due to the larger amount of dead or near dead money going into pots.

But most likely, OP doesn't have anywhere close to a decent sample size.
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