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Default Online bankroll management

how do you guys manage your bankroll online? Im curious to know because I am struggling at the moment. I was doing well before the FTOPS events on FullTilt, lol. Basically I adapted Chris Fergusons rules, altered them a bit, and went with it. What I did is play a cash game or tourney buy in that is no more than 5% of my bankroll. I found myself playing alot of $24+2 tourneys as well as $10+1 tourneys. It was going well until I decided to give a couple FTOPS events a shot. I got into two of them, didnt cash, and my bankroll went down a bit. So I played a couple $120 knockout tourneys, didnt cash, and I was back to square one. I maintained a good bankroll when I had my 5% rule but I found that my bankroll would pretty much stay even. Dont get me wrong, its a good thing that I didnt have to constantly redeposit every couple days but I just could never hit a big cash playing "lower" buy in events so my bankroll would never increase dramatically. I did this for about 2 months. Did i get too impatient? Should I have stuck with my 5% rule longer? I have no problem with my bankroll live as I have positive equity two years in a row but I find myself not as successful online regarding bankroll management. I'm curious how some of you manage your bankroll online and would love to try some kind of new bankroll management method. Thanks!
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