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Default Re: PC asdf config. vs. console controller

I also took quite a while to adjust, but love the results. IMO there seems to be a larger skill gap between the players at the 'top' of console aiming, and those at the bottom - when compared to mice, which everybody can get pretty darn good at aiming without a whole lot of effort. Another nice thing is the lack of concern about people using wallhacks, aim bots, etc... but that's another issue all together.

First thing I'd do when learning is to drop the sensitivity way down, to like 4-5. It's a bit harder to get used to the controls, and trying to go at 7+ when first starting out is just going to frustrate you. And then first work on a new type of aiming (at least for Halo). Don't try to circle strafe your opponents at first. Instead line up your reticule with their head height and then don't touch the right analog. Only use the left analog to keep up with their movements and keep them targetted, and maintain a proper distance. This will give you a whole lot more control. It's a completely different type of aiming, but once you get it down everything becomes much much easier and you can slowly start integrating more 'standard' ways of shooting/maneuvering.
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