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Default deeeeep 50-100, 2 part heads up hand.

Villain plays kind of weird, generally on the tight side but is definitely capable of making a couple moves here and there, but certainly is not spectacular or even a little crazy. We have been 2 tabling for ~ 2 hours at this point iirc, he is up almost 60k and prob feels very much in control. He has not made any huge bluffs yet. He probably check raise bluffs less than most players at this stake, but also does more thin value raises (ie, in this hand i think he can def have Ax on the flop. semi value raise, semi information raise?). He probably thinks i am a little tilty and that i bluff too much/ am a bit of a station.

I have AK w/ the ace of spades.

20k stacks, i raise AK he calls.

fop A33r w/ 1 spade. he checks i bet 500 he makes it 1500 i call.

turn 6 of spades.

he checks. I...

River action to follow after lots and lots of brilliant responses.
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