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Default Recommend me a coach please..


I am in the market for a decent coach and would like a recommendation for somebody to suit my style and budget.

I am currently playing $100NL with a $3.5k online BR (Recently had a decent MTT score which I was planning on just banking but some can be added if required). As I have only really played as a hobby I have cashed out my roll numerous times but face the prospect of a year or so of training in my day job on barely enough to cover living costs so I am definately in need of playing bigger and improving.

I play around 20/17/5 and am considered very TAG (PFAFc.~7, FAFc.~8) but its a style that seems to suit me. Over the last 60k hands or so I have beat this game at c.10ptbb/100 but obviously due to life money issues never really moved up. I am also still in no doubt that there are some massive gaps in my game at this level.

I worked with a coach on here before who charged me $50 an hour who got my fundamentals pretty good, but he doesn't appear to be around anymore. What I am looking for is somebody in the region of $50-$75 an hour who ideally plays upto $3/6-$5/10 with a track record of happy students to help me improve further. Coaching style I would prefer live over phone/skype and then some HH analysis afterwards. What I am looking for is to initially reach and beat the mid-stakes for a decent amount with the intention of eventually moving up and becoming as good as I can be.

Hopefully there is somebody out there who can help me and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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