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Default Re: Spewing in the $100r?

there was a early allin (regardless if he is loose or not) and the MP1 player reshoved, so you gotta assume you are probably crushed at the very least by the MP1 (JJ+ AK) - with him shoving to isolate you gotta give him credit for a solid range.

Now if it walked around to you then you have points for calling the UTG allin, given that he is shoving consistently w/ a wide range.

and what I meant by last action is you have seen all of the above happen in front of you, and in that situation AJ should be an easy fold. It isn't that strong of a hand.

and putting in a 1/3 of your stack and being easily dominated is bad no matter how you look at it. Wait for a better spot, you had a decent stack.

I mean you may of won in this situation, but still...
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