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NajdorfDefense 12-01-2007 05:02 PM

Re: Require health insurance assistance
The NYT had an article recently on a family of 4 in NJ, two healthy, working adults, made $76k a year, and said THEY COULDN'T AFFORD any INSURANCE even though they had 2 cars, cable, cell phones for everyone, xBox, cable modem, etc.

People make crazy bad choices.

NajdorfDefense 12-01-2007 05:18 PM

Re: Require health insurance assistance

You said:

That's nonsense. The US should be like every other industrialize nation in the world. There should be universal care for all.

[/ QUOTE ]

What am I missing? Can you have universal care without paying for it?

[/ QUOTE ].

Health care and health insurance is NOT the same thing.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's right. We already HAVE universal care in the USA.

LOL at 'no middlemen' not including the Feds/states/cities.

Look, the media loves to use scare tactics like saying zomg there's 40mm uninsured people. But that's a big lie.
'Another problem with the CPS was noted in an April 26, 2005 Los Angeles Times article: The survey may count some individuals as uninsured even though they are covered by Medicaid. Experts who have examined Census Bureau figures estimate 10 to 14 million individuals who are counted as uninsured likely qualified for Medicaid or S-CHIP coverage.'

Secondly, all unbiased estimates come up with 30-35% of the uninsured as being *voluntarily* uninsured because they are healthy and don't mind the risk.

Finally, that 40mm number is if you are uninsured at ANY point during the year, NOT the chronically uninsured. I've been uninsured for parts of 1996, 2002, 2005 due to job changes, so I would be in that number, as would many of the 30mm other people who change jobs during a calendar year.
[21% voluntary job change x 150mm workers.]

When you net out the voluntarily uncovered, the temporary uncovered due to job change, and those who are actually covered by Medicare and S-Chip, that number drops under 10-14mm. We should figure out how to help that 4% of the population, but I don't think we'll be undergoing a wholesale restructuring of the economy for them.

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