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sebbb 11-27-2007 02:38 PM

problem with camstudio
I'm trying out the camstudio freeware so I can record my screen. What I did as a test is record a less than 10 second video of a small part of my screen.

My problem is when I press the stop button, the camstudio window becomes white and busy. I think it is probably creating/compressing the video. Thing is I let it run all night and it was still busy.

Is that normal for that small of a video?

My laptop is a 2 year old Dell latitude laptop, I don't have the specs here though.


rubbrband 11-27-2007 03:33 PM

Re: problem with camstudio
take this to software forum.

sebbb 11-27-2007 05:00 PM

Re: problem with camstudio
ok, I'm cross posting

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