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Taso 09-05-2007 12:04 AM

Learning stud hi lo
First of all, is it Stud Hi LOW? Or Stud Hi lo? Or Stud eights or better?

I've played 3 tournaments of it so far (play money, lol, just until I can have a clue of what I'm doing) one was a 90 person, I came in 6th, the other was a 9 person sng, I came in 1st, and the last (which I'm still playing) is another 9 person sit and go and I'll come in 2nd or 1st. <Point is, I have a general idea of how the game works (compared to the utter confusion I felt anytime someone mentioned a stud game to me in the past.

I want to know where to go to learn the very basics. I checked the sticky in this forum, and it helped a bit, but there's a lot more. I have supersystems back at my apartment in Philly but I'm not going there for another week or so - would the chapter in that book help out someone who has just started the game? I don't know much of anything about 7 stud in general, so the %'s and all that stuff, I don't know anything about. NL hold'em I know the odds, and when I'm a favorite, but stud I'm not sure.

In any case can anyone suggest a way to learn the very basics? I learned most of the hold 'em basics through TV I think, the very basics I mean. And then I read a lot, talked a lot of strategy, figured out how to calculate chance to win, pot odds, implied, etc, but there is very little stud on TV, and what is there is BS ESPN all in stuff. Maybe a month ago I wondered how anyone could win stud hi lo playing heads up, cause wouldn't all the pots be split ? :P

Anyways, thanks, I've barely played this game but I'm starting to really like it.

2461Badugi 09-05-2007 12:27 AM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
First of all, is it Stud Hi LOW? Or Stud Hi lo? Or Stud eights or better?

[/ QUOTE ]


The section in SuperSystem 2 is probably the best introduction. The original SuperSystem chapter is on Hi/lo no qualifier, rather than with an eight-low qualifier, and will be useless to you.

Learning Stud/8 is a lot easier if you don't know anything about Stud, so you've started out well already.

Taso 09-05-2007 01:07 PM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
Ok great, can't wait to get back to Philly and read that. I have SS2 not the original, so that works out.

thanks for the answer.

nearlyalex 09-05-2007 04:37 PM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
probably the best book on it is ray zee's 'high-low split poker' which is half on stud8 and the other half on omaha8 but definitely worth reading although Todd Brunsons section in SS2 is probably best to read first, but read both.

Taso 09-05-2007 10:42 PM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
thanks, i'll check that out too.

If I usually play .25/.50 poker, whats the right limits to be playing stud hi lo? I might try to get a game like this going live at my place, just for us all to learn. Also, what is a normal buy in?

Andy B 09-06-2007 12:08 AM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
High-low stud
Hi-lo stud
Stud Eight-or-better

Any of those will work.

Ray Zee's book is the nuts. Todd Brunson's section in SS2 is very good.

When you say you play $.25/.50 poker, do you mean limit or no-limit? Your favorite site may have a $.25/.50 limit game. If you mean NL, the equivalent might be somewhere from $.50/1.00 to $2/4. You might want to stay on the small side while you're learning.

One of my biggest scores ever involved a heads-up stud/8 match. This is not to say that I'm any good at heads-up stud/8.

Taso 09-06-2007 02:11 AM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
Yeah sorry, I meant NL. I may give .5/1 a try if I can build up a roll a bit playing low stakes NL, otherwise it will have to wait until I have some income from non-poker stuff.

In any case, if I'm doing $.50/1.00 hi-lo stud whats a good buy in? (ie, most people recommend doing 100xBB for NL cash games, although some do recommend playing good short stack poker)

What was the big win? (Or is it rude to ask? lol)


Andy B 09-06-2007 02:54 AM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
I usually buy in for 25 BB and reload somewhere between 15 and 20 BB. I want enough in front of me that I can cap every round if I see fit. My local room has a five-bet cap, but four is pretty much universal online.

The score in question was about $4000 at $30/60 stud/8 in 2002. About half of that was won heads-up against an extremely terrible player between about 7 am and 10 am after everyone else went home.

Taso 09-06-2007 06:04 AM

Re: Learning stud hi lo
Nice pick up :P

Thanks for the help with regards to buy in.

RustyBrooks 09-06-2007 11:06 AM

Re: Learning stud hi lo

In any case, if I'm doing $.50/1.00 hi-lo stud whats a good buy in?

[/ QUOTE ]

There is no real benefit to playing a limit game short stacked because you can't apply any more pressure on your opponents than with a larger stack, for the most part. The advantage (?) of a small stack in no limit is that you can make someone decide preflop or on the flop whether they want to continue the hand with no more options to outplay you. With a small stack in limit you still have to get it all in which is going to take the co-operation of the other player, unless you have less than 1bb.

I won't play with less than the amount that I'd need to cap every street, so in a stud game that's 4bb for 5th 6th and 7th and 2bb for 3rd and 4th, a total of 16bb, so for .5/1 that's $16. It's an arbitrary rule but you just never know when someone's going to come along and make it worth your while. Biggest pot of my life (limit) was 50bb and I was glad that I had enough in front of me to keep raising.

If you're playing live, see what other people are buying in with. I like to blend in and not have 2-3x as much as everyone else. In live games people often buy in way way too low for some reason (the standard buyin for $4/$8 at a place I play sometimes seems to be $100 which is only 12bb. At that place I'll usually buy in for 160). Anyway I generally try to not do anything at the table that will point out that I'm paying attention, thinking about poker, etc, etc.

Online people usually just buy in for the default which is often way too low. On FTP the default is 10bb I think. I usually just double it and start with 20bb. I used to always buy in for 50bb but I soon realized there was no point, I can just rebuy if I get low and it makes me look weird to have 3x as much as anyone else when I sit down.

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