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Taraz 12-11-2006 09:15 PM

Free Wii?!?
One of my friends sent me a link to his promotion where you have to get people to complete random advertiser offers and they send you a free Wii. Is this a scam? I'm a little apprehensive about signing up. Does anyone have experience with these kind of promotions?

Jeff_B 12-11-2006 09:20 PM

Re: Free Wii?!?
some of them are valid but more of a pita then its worse for a free wii it would seem doubtful since they are hard to obtain..

Davey 12-11-2006 10:17 PM

Re: Free Wii?!? is doing a promotion right now only for European players, 5000 contributed raked hands and you either get a Nintendo Wii or cash value of $400. I have no affiliation with them, just passing along a deal I found.

ScottySo 12-12-2006 03:40 AM

Re: Free Wii?!?
I did a promotion like this to get my iPod, which I am looking at right now. however, it was a huge hassle, I'd say I put about 5-6 hours into getting all my referrals, and after that it took ~6 months for them to ship it. However, I beleive the site I did this thru was going downhill when I did this, my friend also got his iPod off it much quicker and easier, tho still somewhat of a hassle.

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