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palman 10-09-2007 06:26 AM

Re: Some tough 2-7 spots.. Heres 1
yeah, and you just call with your made 9 and let people waste 2 bets after the 2nd draw or a bet trying to get you to fold after the 3rd draw since everyone tries to punish this 100% of the time.

Play a few 7 draws like this and really punish people for jumping on this all the time.

Just because they know what you have, that doesn't mean you can't play profitably knowing they know what you have. Be a calling station and you'll be fine here most of the time. If someone is going to be throwing in multiple bets in a 2BB pot where you likely have a made 9, they're making the mistake, not you. The pot being small should let your forced bet win the pot often enough, and against the true aggros, part of the value in playing someone like bruto is being willing to go 4 bets with a 9 here since he's going to be raising incomplete hands just because he sees weakness way too often. Mix in playing a 7 draw like this <20% of the time and it really can be tilt inducing.

Another example of this is how ppl play Wheels. In a full game, he ONLY open limps with 2347 or 2357, yet ppl see the weakness and raise him light on any and all streets just because people are trained to pounce on perceived weakness. I'm amazed at how regulars continuously spew to him when he does this.

InWithTheBest 10-09-2007 02:15 PM

Re: Some tough 2-7 spots.. Heres 1
I guess I can see your point Palman. I could see how this could work out in the long run if people spewed more than punished you in this spot.
I would hate having to be a calling station because i showed some weakness in such a small pot but I do see how you gain some value.

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