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pr0crast 11-22-2007 03:23 PM

Re: mass effect
This game is great because unlike most RPGs (or even movies), the writing and voice acting is really good. Really top notch in that aspect. Very polished game.

Grinding2Ecstasy 11-22-2007 08:08 PM

Re: mass effect
im LOVING this so far, took a few hours to get the hang of it, but man this game was incredibly well made.

RiverFenix 11-22-2007 08:19 PM

Re: mass effect
Damn I guess ill buy this over the weekend. Keep posting reviews & comments theyre appreciated.

Bostaevski 11-23-2007 03:05 PM

Re: mass effect
it's pretty good... feels very much like KOTOR and nothing like Oblivion.

2 minor issues I have:
1) The whole "revolutionary dialog system" they've been touting in this game... i just don't see it. It's a pretty standard dialog mechanism where you can say things that are nice or evil and you can explore various conversation paths. Sometimes you get XP or new entries in your codex if you do enough talking.

2) The levels are, for the most part, beautifully rendered but they generally seem pretty sterile. There's nothing included that adds life or intimacy... i.e. a coffee mug on a desk, a book, personal affects, etc. I also think the planets that you can land on (so far at least) are pretty boring. They feel very "90's graphics". I have been driving around on at least one planet that had indigenous life and there were no trees, plants, etc.... just some "monkeys" walking around that looked more like possums.

Dire 11-23-2007 07:18 PM

Re: mass effect
Just got back from turkey day. Anyhow, first impressions:

So far I am really liking how the dialog really is dynamic. Something that's nice is that you don't just say what you click on. You click the gist of a feeling, but what's said/done is something entirely different.

I also like that the good/evil actions aren't so timid this time around. Depending on what you do, you can go from being a sickeningly benevolent angel to a huge randomly murdering/assaulting dick or anywhere in between. It does just come down to this choice (the red one!) makes you evil, this choice (the blue one!) makes you good - but it is done exceptionally well.

Will comment on exploration/combat after I've gotten deeper into the game. So far this game is seriously delivering.

ThaSaltCracka 11-24-2007 05:05 AM

Re: mass effect

<font color="white">I shot Tombs </font>

Anyone else?

This game is fun, but the combat takes some getting use to. Your teammates are pretty dumb as well.

Shaqizzle 11-24-2007 11:19 PM

Re: mass effect
I've beaten it once already, I'm playing on Hardcore mode now. Lets see, I punched a reporter in the face, had sex with an alien, <font color="white">actually felt remorse when I couldn't stop from killing Wrex because I didn't have enough charm / intimidation. </font>. I have played around 8 hours only doing side quests and haven't even done the 3rd mission. And I'm still having as much fun as I did the first time, this game is truly epic.

zyrrth 11-25-2007 12:28 AM

Re: mass effect
lol i just did the the interview, didn't know you could knock her out, gotta try that next time.

ThaSaltCracka 11-25-2007 01:25 AM

Re: mass effect
wow, beaten it already????

zac777 11-25-2007 06:12 AM

Re: mass effect
Seems like a solid game so far...

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