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Mike Haven 11-26-2007 12:24 PM

Software Forum post request
Re: Request to post in 2+2 Software forum

From: PokerParadimeMk

Hi Mike,

We emailed your fellow co-moderators of the software forum, Ryan Beal and SamIAm, a couple of days ago asking whether it was OK to make the post below. You've probably already seen this request but we haven't heard anything and wondered what its current status is.

We've just gone into public beta and really wanted to make our first public announcement on 2+2. As long term lurkers we're aware that 2+2 is the most respected poker forum.

We don't want to post without permission but are feeling at a loss as to what to do. If you feel the post is not allowed in its current form, could you please advise us as to how else we might be able to make our announcement on 2+2?

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Mark Reilly (PokerParadimeMk)
Marc Cohen (PokerParadimeMc)

“ is a no-download virtual money poker site that offers in-game tuition and play from Sonia, our new and highly advanced software opponent and tutor capable of challenging and advising even the most skilled players. Each human player on the site is also provided with their very own ‘virtual’ counterpart, designed to accurately emulate the player’s specific traits, style and abilities. These autonomous Virtual Players have their own bankrolls and are taught by simply playing on the site. The goal is to provide a highly competitive and entertaining environment to either learn to play or to sharpen existing skills without the requirement to gamble real money.

Although we obviously wish to make the site as entertaining and functional as possible, the quality of play, emulation, and tuition is paramount and we would especially like to spark discussions from members in those areas. The artificial intelligence behind the site was developed over the last four years and our extensive testing indicates that it outclasses the best commercially available rivals by a wide margin.

Currently the site is in the public beta phase offering 6-max Limit Texas Hold’em games with plans to introduce more variants over the coming months.

The Poker Lab page of the site, as well as including results of Sonia vs UoA’s bots, also includes an interactive Downswing Duration & Frequency Calculator which we hope will be of use to anyone begging an answer to the question “How often will I experience a downswing and just how big will it be?!!”

Any time you can give to testing the site and giving us your valued feedback would be appreciated. Your comments will definitely make a difference to how we prioritise the site’s development, features, game coverage etc.

Thanks in advance,

Mark & Marc”


Any comments, Ryan, Sam, all?

(I asked for permission to post this PM here for general discussion purposes. I told him it seems to fall into the spam category, imo, but that sometimes one post is allowed.)

SamIAm 11-26-2007 02:02 PM

Re: Software Forum post request
Since the software forum is partially DESIGNED for the discussion of for-pay apps like PokerTracker and PAHud and the like, we run into this kind of question all the time.

I'm inclined to say that he gets one post to announce the resource, but after that he can only answer direct support questions about his site. But I tend to lean on the lenient side, so if the reds think it's too spammy, I understand.

P.S. Sorry his PM never got answered. I thought I'd sent him a reply, allowing 1 post, but his PM doesn't have the little "R" from my reply, so I must have dropped the ball.

Mike Haven 11-26-2007 03:13 PM

Re: Software Forum post request
Thanks, Sam.

I'll tell him he can have his one announcement and news thread, but then it will be answering others' questions only, (bar whatever he wants to post in non-connected threads, as an ordinary reader).

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