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ThisIsTheNuts 10-10-2006 09:08 PM

RakebackNetwork Introduction and FAQ
Welcome to the forum. This forum is cooperatively owned and operated by seven of the larger and most trusted rakeback affiliates within the rakeback community.

A complete listing of the offers by each member affiliate on this forum can be found at

The member sites include:,,,,,, and RakeTracker. All of these sites are moderators on this forum.

It is a fact that there are rakeback affiliates who are not reputable and our inent was to form a coaltion of "trusted" rakeback sites to in effect self-police each other's offers and customer service standards. Any site not meeting these standards will be removed from the

It is also a fact that there are some reputable rakeback sites that are not a current member of

The purpose of this forum is twofold:

1. To keep you appraised of current developments in rakeback.

2. To provide straight forward and honest feedback about questions you might have about rakeback and the rakeback process. These issues include:

- How to get started with rakeback.
- How to request an offer.
- Whether offers you see elsewhere are "approved" offers.
- General questions on any of our member affiliates.

Posts will be deleted if they are seeking offers that are not approved by the related poker site (example: Requests for Party Poker rakeback).

Member sites will not solicit or spam PM posters on this forum.

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