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DP388 05-04-2007 03:49 PM

How\'s my line? Nut draw with overs
I recently changed gears and have bet/raised the last 3 out of 7 hands with no showdown. Villian has made some loose calls pre-flop, but is relatively straight forward post flop. In general the table is playing pretty tight as we are near the bubble.

Full Tilt $24 - $26K guaranteed. 180 pay, 186 left.

Blinds are 250/500 + 25

Seat 1: JonnyOnTilt (23,258)
Seat 2: JustKLLinItQ (2,390)
Seat 3: maddogrudy (10,372)
Seat 4: JSwan5150 (10,415)
Seat 5: Lundehund (2,840)
Seat 6: dpanone (9,430)
Seat 7: Chad N Freude (27,763)
Seat 8: Fat Tony 82 (6,917)
Seat 9: Mrs Plum (14,908)

Dealt to dpanone [Th Ah]
JSwan5150 folds
Lundehund folds
dpanone raises to 1,290
Chad N Freude folds
Fat Tony 82 folds
Mrs Plum folds
JonnyOnTilt calls 1,290
JustKLLinItQ folds
maddogrudy folds
*** FLOP *** [5h 8h 4c]
dpanone bets 2,690
JonnyOnTilt calls 2,690
*** TURN *** [5h 8h 4c] [5s]
dpanone bets 5,400, and is all in

I think there is certainly a case for folding pre-flop since I've been active, so I'd like to hear opinions about that.

Also, what about a flop shove? (3800 in pot and my stack was about 8K)

vladzhuk 05-04-2007 03:54 PM

Re: How\'s my line? Nut draw with overs
probably shove the flop. awkward stack IMO to bet the flop.

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