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themandude 11-17-2007 06:56 AM

getting right odds?
Starting game 2378848806.

tillimaus is at seat 1 with $34.35.
G-PAOLO is at seat 2 with $11.60.
hoipipiloi is at seat 3 with $49.75.
Anquetil is at seat 4 with $36.68.
themandude is at seat 5 with $83.07.

The dealer is seat 4.

themandude posts a blind of $.25.
tillimaus posts a blind of $.50.

(themandude is dealt 10d 10c.)

G-PAOLO folds.
hoipipiloi raises $1.25.
Anquetil folds.
themandude calls for $1.50.
tillimaus folds.

The flop comes
9d Jh Qc.

themandude checks.
hoipipiloi bets $3.
themandude calls for $3.

The turn comes 5c.

themandude checks.
hoipipiloi bets $7.
themandude folds.
$7 is pushed back to hoipipiloi.

hoipipiloi mucks.
hoipipiloi wins pot ($9.50).

Guy was real tag like 18/10/1.8. Was I getting the right odds to my draw?

gfejs 11-17-2007 07:47 AM

Re: getting right odds?
Your draw is not a good one as you might already be dead and the draw is so obvious u wont get paid enough if you hit. And you are out of position wich further reduces your chances in winning the pot.

This situation could been avoided if you three bet pf...

Anyway I dont think this is the time too draw so I had folded on that flop OR I would have donked it.

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