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IRIVERU 11-04-2007 01:03 PM

Sklansky Bucks?
someone explain the concept and how important it is to being a winning player. I watch alot of cardrunners and I havent seen any discussion concerning it

DanJ. 11-04-2007 01:24 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
It is important to be a winning player otherwise you will be a losing player.

The End.

IRIVERU 11-04-2007 01:35 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
what is sklansky bucks is what i am asking moron

DanJ. 11-04-2007 01:36 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?

cbboy 11-04-2007 01:38 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
Hahahaha! Read the Theory of Poker.

Superfluous Man 11-04-2007 02:00 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
I know they can be spent on Sklansky hookers. I hope you like black chicks!

IRIVERU 11-04-2007 02:02 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
is sklanksy bucks just getting it in good basically and if you win everytime when ur a fav and lose everytime ur a dog?

ogdundar 11-04-2007 02:52 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
its ur equity times potsize

IRIVERU 11-04-2007 03:55 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
what does it really mean though

Rampage_Jackson 11-04-2007 03:57 PM

Re: Sklansky Bucks?
Sklansky Bucks is the bucks for real sucka.

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