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shaundeeb 12-01-2007 03:05 PM

TP/TK as a bluff catcher
Hands from the 1k at TS villian is an old guy really awful he's been in 75% of the pots he limps most of the time raised maybe 2 times ever 3 orbits. Blinds are 50/100 utg+2 raisor is charder whose been active. I've been most aggro PF with raising so far but most of them were opens and charders raises has been isos cuz that guy open limps a lot. He has shown every hand he's raised the flop with often minraises and everytime they have been strong tp or better. He lost a big pot when he raised 99 in EP got 3bet by an active 2+2er and he checkinstashoved the 1097 flop got called by aces who got there. He could be tilted as his stack has fluctuated a lot.

Also very important hand he limps utg+1 next to act is 2=2er w33ktight who makes it 225 or something at 25/50 charder next to act makes it 700 or something old guy flats the 3bet leads a K93r flop with 500 chip calls a raise to 2k calls a turn bet of 5k on the 4 turn and the river goes checkcheck on a 9 and he shows KJs that takes it down.

Ok so the backround out of the way guy limps utg charder makes it 450 with 4k behind two to his left I make it 1400 with AKcc oldguys takes 10 seconds and flats charder folds.

Ad Jc 4d he checks I fire 2100 he calls quickly
Qx he checks I check behind
9x He opens shoves for 8900 I have like 20k total

Annette_15 12-01-2007 03:31 PM

Re: TP/TK as a bluff catcher
Seriously shaune.... have u ever seen an old guy over shove river as a bluff? I mean... I was at turningstone earlier this year and i know the kind of old ppl that are there. I can see him having something like Js here slowplaying his set to death hoping you'll 'catch up', or maybe even Qs or KdTd. All u beat is a bluff, and ur risking 9k against an old guy with only top pair when u can get his chips a lot easier without risking so much with a marginal hand.

ZJ123 12-01-2007 03:47 PM

Re: TP/TK as a bluff catcher
idk, i was at the table and he shoved pretty quickly, i had no idea what he had, but i thought he had a pretty big hand.

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