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teddyFBI 11-29-2007 04:39 AM

Party crashing?
anyone? connection seems awful

AndyP 11-29-2007 04:39 AM

Re: Party crashing?
same here

jukofyork 11-29-2007 06:10 AM

Re: Party crashing?
Have you tried removing the PartyBets spam-bar? I've not played much poker since I worked out how to get rid of it, but in the few sessions I played Party has run waaaaaaay better without it (see here)

If only Party could just spend one month fixing all their bugs and annoyances... but alas, they choose to add chat-indicator smiley faces instead...

Juk [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

EDIT: Forgot to add the link.

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