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mendacity 12-01-2007 07:22 PM

2/4 mid pair being donked into
effective stacks are 300ish

I pfr KTs

villain calls oop
(28)flop: JTx cc he bets 21, i call?
(82) turn: JTTxx cc he donks 42 i shove

I'm not sure how to handle this hand in a vacuum against a likely bad player who is being donked into. My first consideration was, call flop and re-evaluate turn.

Reevaluating meaning: hope we don't get donked into again, I'd take that as a sign of strength being a Jack or worse.

On the flop this board, I'm likely raising all the hands I'm continuing with, making me believe the turn fold is preferrable (additionally) my King outs aren't worth counting as clean.

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