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Mat Sklansky 04-10-2007 02:48 PM

Welcome to the German Poker Forum
Please read the terms and conditions

This is our first step in making the site more accesible to those who speak languages other than English. Your host, aakkaakkaa, will be making an introductory post beneath mine in German.

To begin, this forum will primarily focus on what the users wish it to become. If you do speak English, it will be helpful to post that way so I can help implement ideas quicker. However, discussions about poker can immediately begin in German.

The rules are the same as elsewhere on the site. No spam, be polite, etc.

aakkaakkaa and I will happily answer your questions. We hope this will be the first among many forums offering different languages.


Mason Malmuth 04-10-2007 05:07 PM

Re: Welcome to the German Poker Forum
Hi Everyone:

Well, I don't speak German even though I did take German many years ago when I was in school (but didn't do very well at it). However, I do understand that poker is becoming very popular in Germany and other places where German is spoken and that we already have a bunch of posters whose first language is German. So we hope that this forum helps to create even more interest in our favorite game.

Also, this forum, can and will be split into more than one forum as the interest arises. So let me welcome all of you who plan to participate here and of course best of luck in the poker games.

Best wishes,

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