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iron81 10-05-2006 04:06 AM

Politics Forum Constitution & Amendment I
Welcome to the Politics forum. We welcome all who wish to discuss political and current events in a fair and friendly manner. Vulturesrow and I have agreed on these rules to help foster civil debate. Thanks for stopping by.

1. No personal attacks. You can attack positions, but not posters.

2. No asking for bans, locks, etc. in the forum. Use the notify moderator button or PM the mods instead. You don't hijack the thread this way and its more effective anyway. You can appeal mod decisions to ATF or in a PM to Ryan Beal.

3. Keep one line posts to a minimum, especially OP's. You have to provide content once in a while. OPs with only a link and minimal description are not allowed.

4. No images or posts designed to inspire hatred. This goes for all ethnic and racial groups. We will use subjective judgment to determine what constitutes "inspiring hatred".

5. We reserve the right to go beyond these rules to protect the forum and 2+2.

iron81 03-08-2007 11:25 PM

Amendment I
1. The Personal Attack rule will be expanded to include calling other users trolls and generic complaints about the worth of another poster's contributions.

2. Persistent and extreme hyperbole will not be tolerated.

3. New threads must have some relevance to larger society. Threads consisting of smears on a public figure that do not have bearing on their ability to lead or perform their job function will not be permitted.

4. Do not copy/paste more than a paragraph or two of articles in violation of the author's copyright.

5. If you encounter a poster who seems hostile to the normal functions of government that poster is likely an Anarcho-Capitalist. Please read the AC FAQ before arguing with this person.

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