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furfur 11-10-2007 07:44 PM

Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong
flop bet is so-so given # of opponents and a 10 flopping but u do want to see where u stand. after checking turn, u invite him to bet river and might call just to stop him from doing this later plus u may be ahead.

furfur 11-10-2007 07:47 PM

Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong
that's a good line

furfur 11-10-2007 07:51 PM

Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong
y bet keep our range wide?

NYWalker 11-11-2007 01:18 AM

Re: $10k Foxwoods - Small underpair multiway hand vs Danny Wong
Background: Danny Wong has been limp/calling a ridiculous range of hands preflop. He has shown down 83s to a button raise (he flats in big blind) and is literally limping into like 30% of pots preflop and calling with like 90% of his limping range when there's a raise.

Blinds 100/200 effective stacks like 10k, EP old guy looseish/passive limps and I make it 800 with 88 in MP. CO who has been calling a lot of my raises flats, Danny Wong flats in SB, old guy flats from UTG or whatever.

Flop T 6 4 rainbow. Check check, I bet out 1450, CO folds, Danny Wong eyes my stack, then looks at UTG who looks like he's about to fold, and then calls after about a minute or whatever. UTG folds.

Turn J [img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img] putting a flush draw out. He pauses and checks, I check behind after about 45 seconds.

River pairs the 4 and is offsuit. He leads 1500.

Thoughts? Check-fold flop? What about river? Danny Wong is ridiculously hard to play against postflop but he leaks way way way way too much preflop. Thoughts on double barrelling, and thoughts on bluffing the river once he block-bets like 1/4 pot or whatever?

[/ QUOTE ]

I haven't read other's replies, so I don't know how everyone else's thinking about this hand. But, personally, I played with Danny Wong many times in HU pots. When stack is deep, he makes loose pf calls and is a station on the flop *as long as* he has a piece on the board. In such spot, the stronger you bet, the more he thinks you are bluffing... which means, when you flopped monster hands against him, he pays you off. But when you bluff, he's a station. When he's shadow, he plays very tight in all spots.

For this hand, I believe he has a T and he knows it's good at the river. You should fold the river. Fold the river here will give you better chance to stack off him next time when you are sure you have him because he'd make bad calls against you a lot.

Edit: turn bet won't get him fold a T.

Edit: IMO, his understanding of the game isn't at Internet Pro level. If you use too advanced concept against him trying to tell him your range beat his range, or play your hand like over pair on the flop, he can't get it.

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