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JaredL 03-17-2007 01:54 AM

Poker Theory Sticky READ BEFORE POSTING (updated March 17, 2007)
Welcome to the Poker Theory Forum!

This forum is here to discuss any and all topics related to the theory of poker. These topics include:
<ul type="square">[*] Any topic covered in the books Theory of Poker and the poker sections of Gambling Theory and Other Topics. [*] Poker strategy. Bluffing, raising for the free card, bet sizing, etc. Discussion should be general. For example "Against what type of players should I try the free card raise play?" would be a good question to ask, simply posting a hand-history and asking about the raise on the flop would be a fine question to ask, but not here. Such a post should be made in the relevant strategy forum.[*] Bankroll size issues. Discussion of how much you should have to play a given game, how much you should buy in for, when you should quit a session, and other such issues are relevant.[*] Other Poker Skills. This includes things like hand reading and general thought processes when playing a hand.[*] How various changes affect the game. Things like the effect of collusion, seeing others' hands, turning one card face up in hold'em or an extra in stud, and so forth.[*] Game Theory. Even if tangentially related to poker, the posting of any game theory problems that help in the analysis of poker or that you feel would improve poker players' thought processes are strongly encouraged.[/list]
The following should NOT be posted here:
<ul type="square">[*] Beginners' Questions should go in the Beginners Forum[*] Questions about online poker rooms should go in internet gambling[*] Specific hand posts should go in the relevant strategy forum. Note that using a single hand to discuss a more general point is ok.[*] Rules questions should go in either the Home Poker forum or the Brick and Mortar forum.[*] Flaming. Feel free to discuss the content of others' posts. Just saying "You are stupid" or even "Your post is stupid" and other forms is not acceptable.[/list]

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