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StoxPoker 10-09-2007 06:41 PM

Forum Rule and FAQ
The forum is for Coaching/Training discussions and specifically discussions as to how poker coaching videos can be used to help one improve their game.

1) No shills. No abuse.The forum is sponsored by and we don't want the forum to be used to spam for ANY online training sites. You will also never hear us saying anything negative about another training site but we won't hesitate to acknowledge other excellent training sites.

Constructive comments and discussion regarding poker training videos is not restricted to content.

2) The forum is not intended for private coaching. As to whether the forum is open to private coaches posting, if the posts are in response to specific questions that is not a problem. However, the forum is not intended to be used to promote specific private coaches and we would appreciate coaches respecting that forum posting guideline.

3) No soliciting. We do believe it is inappropriate to PM forum members to sign-up for and we do not allow other training sites or private coaches to do so either. If you do receive a PM from any training site asking you to sign-up, please notify us immediately.

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