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TryTight 10-11-2006 03:36 PM

Full Tilt Rakeback Question
I have slowed my play down a lot in the last few months, and just moved my Party money into Stars. However, I was thinking of trying for rakeback and since Stars doesnt have it I might switch to FTP. I mainly play $50 or $100 SNGs (now only about 150-200 per month) My question is, do they have rakeback for this amount of play and does FTP run $50 and $100 SNGs consistantly? Thanks

Razazi 10-11-2006 03:37 PM

Re: Full Tilt Rakeback Question
Yeah, they have decent games going on. And a nice leaderboard.

I dont have any problems finding 50 and 100 SNGs at all.

and they give good RB aswell. Even if you already have an account.

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