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Todpullen 10-29-2007 02:04 AM

Re: Everest
The $100 bonus from Everest has to be cleared first - that is you play so many raked hands with your own money to get player points (or whatever they are called) which clears the bonus.

gilly24 10-29-2007 03:50 AM

Re: Everest
From the T&C on the Everest free books page:

"Free books are sent once you have signed up, made your first deposit, and played in real money games or tournaments. We receive this information from the site approximately twice a month so please be patient."

So basically, to get the books, only one real money hand needs to be played.

FP0lak 11-20-2007 07:08 PM

Re: Everest
I think, that what we all would like to know, after understanding that PLAYING ONLY 1 RAKED HAND IN ANY CASH GAME OR TOURNAMENT FEE QUALFIYES YOU FOR THE BOOK BONUS, is how much is the minimum amount, to deposit to everest poker?? Is there any restricition in this case?

Thats the only open question as i think.

mogwai 11-24-2007 09:36 AM

Re: Everest
Minimum deposit is $5.

MichaelL 11-28-2007 08:39 PM

Re: Everest
huh? On the first page Mat said that it has been changed and you must earn 300MPPs to get it.

Pale_Rider 11-28-2007 09:00 PM

Re: Everest
just signed up, when exactly do we choose the books, after 2+2 gets the info from everest? I ask because it says once you register at everest create or update your 2+2 account. thx

Kiera 11-28-2007 09:13 PM

Re: Everest
Mat was talking about Playboy because someone mentioned that they had the same kind of bonus as Everest, which they did until it was changed to a 300 point requirement. As I said earlier, and as stated on the bonus page, for Everest you need to sign up a new account through our bonus program, enter the bonus code within 48 hours of creating your account, make a deposit and play in a real money game. There is not a point requirement, but you do have to play more to get the additional $100 from Everest.

Creating or updating you 2+2 account means that after creating your Everest account and entering the bonus code, you need to log into your 2+2 bonus account or create one if you haven't yet. At your account information page, click 'Register' next to the bonus for Everest. At the registration page, please provide your screen name at Everest. By doing this you put yourself on the list of people that Everest will send us information on regarding eligibility for the book bonus.

Once we have been notified that you are eligible, you will get and e-mail from us. At that point when you log back into your bonus account the ability to choose the books will be there on your account information page.

Pale_Rider 11-28-2007 10:16 PM

Re: Everest
ty kiera, all done

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