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Mat Sklansky 11-21-2007 04:28 AM

lol come on
Didn't I warn you, Entertainme, about making posts like these in the mod forum? Now you want to make them out in public? I understand that not everyone shares the same sense of humor as you and that you're just trying to make a point. But until I have your guarantee that this post you made about arrogant poker players has been deleted, I will not be reading, nor participating in this forum.

11-21-2007 04:43 AM

Post deleted by Mat Sklansky

Mat Sklansky 11-21-2007 04:49 AM

Re: lol come on
when i identify you as a banned user parroting the (good) ideas of many others, than yes, consider it a level and flutter away.

the site's for sale baby. if we can't/ won't make good use of the "idiots" who choose to hang out here, make us an offer.

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