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gvegas 11-16-2007 08:07 PM

What does the quick raise mean?
2 table live tournament amongst co-workers ($500 buy-in). Each player starts with 4k chips, 20 min blinds. If player busts in the first hour they can get another 4K chips (for free), otherwise they get another 4K at the break if they haven't used the free re-buy yet. Neither the villain or I have used the re-buy yet and its the third hand of 25/50. Stacks are still around 4K.No reads.

I'm dealt AJo in middle position and make it 200 to go. 1 late position caller and the small blind also calls (pot 650). Flop A-A-7. SB checks, i bet 450, LP folds and SB instantly re-raises to 1,500. Doesn't even think about it. What does that mean most of the time? Strong or weak? I'm less concerned about the fact that its hard to fold since i get another 4K chips if i bust in the hand.

zizazziza 11-16-2007 11:57 PM

Re: What does the quick raise mean?
It doesnt matter. It could be strong it could be weak. He could think he is strong with A2 or he might think he is weak with AQ. The point is, there is nothing to worry about and you should be getting it in.

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