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Yeti 11-19-2007 06:21 PM

jay\'s mentor thread
i figured i would make this thread because personally i don't tend to read long threads that got moved here and i figured some of you might be the same.

anyway, i believe my post in that thread sums up the situation well, and i'd like to get citanul/the red's approval so it can be moved back promptly.


citanul 11-19-2007 10:05 PM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread

i think my response in that thread sums up my opinion well. summarizing even more:

i think caution is cheap and prudent in almost all things, and that this is something that mat should look at.

tuq 11-20-2007 12:36 AM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
Well someone please post in that ATF thread with a srs bsns response, the silence seems to be as bad as anything. Any sort of explanation to subdue the clamoring masses should suffice.

Mat Sklansky 11-20-2007 02:04 AM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
I leave the final say on this matter in the hands of Citanul.

Being perfectly honest, he knows better than I if this thread will lead to unwanted hassles.

citanul 11-20-2007 08:50 PM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread

my biggest concern is honestly that other people, seeing a thread like jay's, will think it's OK to post profit oriented and commercial sites that may or may not be poker related, or great for 2p2ers (individual or the whole group). i'm totally willing to go with yeti's feelings that jay is in no way interested in money out of this whole operation, and i'm inclined to say "put the tread back." i just don't love the idea that we're opening up a whole line of things to case by case analysis that all exist in a grey area, when the simple rule would be to not allow any of them.

since i'm taking yeti's word on jay being a good guy who is totally doing this out of the kindness of his heart, let's either move the thread back or let jay have another one, or whatever he wants done. a note, some tiny part of my opinion here is caused by the fact that i'm about to leave for an airport and i think the worst eventuality is this being unresolved until sunday night or whenever i next see 2p2.

please feel free to post whatever you want in atf or anywhere else.


citanul 11-20-2007 08:54 PM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
a quick addendum after skimming the thread in atf:

i think that the big staking threads probably have to be thought about, and definitely the linking of or whatever has to go.

Yeti 11-20-2007 09:32 PM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
thanks cit.

definitely moving it back is the best option because of all the applications it already holds. do you have the power to do that or do we need to wait on mat?

and yeah, leaving it til sunday would suck, i know jay is keen to get cracking.

Mat Sklansky 11-20-2007 09:42 PM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
To bbv, correct?

Yeti 11-20-2007 09:50 PM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
yes to bbv please, and the last 8 posts need deleting i guess

thanks mat!

citanul 11-21-2007 03:36 AM

Re: jay\'s mentor thread
fwiw, i just got a pm from a long time, respected poster, thanking me for having moved jay's thread here, and telling me that jay has been warned repeatedly in the past for spamming. knowing who the poster is, i totally believe him, even though obviously there are no notes about these previous warnings.

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