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VoraciousReader 03-22-2007 07:49 AM

Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
<u>!!BEWARE and WARNING!!</u>

This game is different from other games.

You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.

There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences. YOU must use all of your numerous talents and much of your enormous intelligence. The wrong decision could end in disaster--even death.

<u>Game Overview</u>

Based on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series of books, this game features group and individual decisions that can lead the plot or their powers in different directions.

Group Decisions:
Every game phase (day is a phase and night is a phase), the players will discover themselves in a situation and must decide how they are going to proceed. They will have between 2 and 4 choices to vote upon. They will not know in advance the results of their choice on the gameplay, only on the decisions they can make regarding the plot. They will have the opportunity to discuss the day event in thread but they must pick the night event response individually. If it is a day event, They may debate and share their intended vote in therad, but nothing in thread will be binding and deception is always a possibility. Votes are tallied at the cutoff time, and the chosen action is revealed in thread, along with its consequence. Consequences will generally be quite minor. Some will be village-helpful, some will be evil-helpful, and some will be virtually neutral.

Individual Decisions:
Even the plain villagers will have a decision to make each evening that will influence their growth in the game. All individuals will have the opportunity to develop some minor ability if the choices that they make advance the path they have selected. Vanillager powers, even if developed successfully, will be weak and limited.

VoraciousReader 03-22-2007 09:22 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Page 1

“We leave tomorrow, Gan.” You take a long drink of the ale in your cup, and watch the images of flame dance in your firepit.

Gan, your trusted friend and longstanding comrade-in-arms, nods. “Yup.”

Gan isn’t known for being much of a talker, but as far as you’re concerned, that makes him an ideal evening drinking companion, especially for the night before you leave for a long journey. You sit beside the fire in companionable silence.

Above you, the stars are just starting to emerge in the evening sky. A short distance away, a group of five or six of your fellow mercenaries are throwing dice, gambling, laughing, and saying good-naturedly rude things to each other. It’s a welcome sound. There has been too much silence since your last conflict. The scent of smoke wafts through the area, carrying undertones of cooking food and the spicy herb many members of the band have been smoking since the battle in Tenochlan. The company bard is singing something mellow up near the command tents. He, like so many around you, is a new addition to the band.

As is often the case, Gan seems to almost read your thoughts. “Rough time in Tenoch.” He nods toward the gamers. “Met one of the new guys, Orren. Seems a good fighter. He‘ll be going with you tomorrow.”

Continue to page 2.

VoraciousReader 03-22-2007 09:24 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Page 2

Your motley band of mercenaries has been hired by a small queendom that is being attacked by its neighbor. The queendom dwellers have bravely fought the invaders to a standstill, but lack the specialized training and sheer numbers to force them back into their home area. At the moment, there is a standoff.

The queen has convinced her councilors to hire you to supply the necessary skills and manpower. Her country is a wealthy one, and the offer is generous…so generous that the band votes to accept it immediately, even though it will be a journey of some length and danger to reach the conflict.

It is an interesting time for you internally as well. While many members of your band are seasoned warriors, you suffered heavy losses in a recent conflict. You merged what was left of your band with another band (ironically enough, the band that had been hired by your opponents for that same battle) and have added significant numbers of green recruits, including some after you received the queen’s messenger.

So, while a few months ago you knew all of your fellow warriors, there are now more faces that are unfamiliar to you than you recognize. You volunteered for the advance party, paving the way for the main force…and when your party assembled this morning, you realized you have never worked with any of these fighters before, save your co-captains, GetThere1Time and VoraciousReader.

However, these are your companions in arms and you will all work together to bring your force safely to the coming battle. Surely there is no reason to mistrust anyone…

Turn to page 4.

VoraciousReader 03-22-2007 01:13 PM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Page 3

Suddenly, in the distance you hear a loud screeching wail...


Page 4

You and Gan finish your ale and rest by the fire until it starts to die down. Gan hoists a log and gestures toward the fire, wordlessly asking whether he should add another log. “No need, Gan, I should really get some rest. Unless you want to sit up longer yourself.”

Gan shakes his head and extinguishes the fire. He unrolls his bedroll by the ashes. The night is clear and warm and Gan prefers to sleep under the stars whenever possible-- another ideal quality in a tentmate, to your way of thinking. You wish Gan was going on this mission. There is no one else you trust to have your back the way he does. You rise, you retire to the tent and lie down. Your mind is restless, however, and you find yourself unable to sleep after all. Perhaps some activity would tire you out enough to rest. But how to occupy yourself for the rest of the evening?

Reading is a hobby of yours, and you have some interesting books with you that you picked up on a whim in Pogglesburg. Exercise or practice is never time ill-spent for a fighter. On the other hand, there is that new friend of Gan’s…Orren? Maybe it would be nice to meet him before you leave on your journey. Or there’s always your other hobby...

PMs will be going out tonight with role descriptions and night zero decisions. EVERYONE has a night zero action. Please PM your action to GT1T and VR by 1 am EST on Monday, March 26. The game thread will open 8 hours later, at 9 AM.

VoraciousReader 03-24-2007 11:42 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Battle Hawks Roster

The advance party for the Elerian battle will be as follows:


Remember, sometimes evil wears a friendly face.

Among you, there are THREE Renegades (ordinary evils). There are also:

Evil Power Roles

<u>The Assassin</u>: IP: Poison - At night the assassin can choose to poison one character. This character will lose his powers the first night, be silenced the second night, and die the third. The assassin starts the game with one vial of poison.
-The Assassin will gain an assortment of poisons and skills that could result in the hindrance and even death of party members.

<u>The Temptress</u>: IP:Seduce - Chooses 1 player per night. She blocks this player's event for the night.
-The Temptress will gain abilities in line with role blocking and event blocking.

<u>The Illusionist</u>: IP:Alter Aspect - Peek returns villager. As standard "Godfather" powers.
-The Illusionist will gain abilities that allow him to cast illusions to disguise himself, others, and the world around him.

<u>The Warlock</u>: IP: Polymorph Other: Turns target player into animal for one day. That player can not talk or vote.
-The Warlock is a mixed bag character. He will gain a vast assortment of one time use sorceries.

<u>The Saboteur</u>: IP: Snare: Will set a trap on one of the event choices. If the group chooses that option, they will fall into his trap. He is NOT in night chat, and will gain new kinds of traps as the game continues. <u>He receives the event choices the night before, and must set his trap on one of them before the thread opens.</u>

Good Power Roles

<u>The Bard</u>:
IP:Persuasion:When voting on day events only, his vote counts as triple.
-The Bard will gain abilities that effect the voting of events and lynches.

<u>The Priest</u>:
IP: Protection from Evil: He may protect a player each night from night kill at a 50% rate. His night decisions may enhance or dilute this power.
-The Priest will gain protection and curative abilities. He may also gain extra power against the forces of evil.

<u>The Scout</u>:
IP: Reconnaissance:Learns in advance what options the group will have for the next day's event. He may choose one to investigate and will learn the result if the group chooses that course of action.
IP: Journal: PMs the mod with his scouting report each evening. In the event of his death, a player will find his journal and share it with the group.
-The Scout will learn abilities that allow him foresight into events and acquired powers of other players.

<u>The Veteran</u>:
IP: Steel Resolve: Votes against the Veteran will only count as 2/3 of a vote.
- The Veteran will learn abilities that may enhance his toughness, power, or battle prowess.

<u>The Fortuneteller</u>:
IP: Divination: As standard seer peek. One per night.
-The Fortuneteller will gain abilities that might allow her to see into the future, communicate telepathically, and other powers of the mind.

<u>The Apprentice</u>:
IP:Divination Studies: Receives a peek every third night, simple good/evil. In the event the fortune teller dies, learns half of his peeks, determined by rand() (rand is from among all peeks, living and dead), and becomes a full seer. In the event the priest dies before the fortuneteller, his interest in the mystical world may lead him to study some protective and medicinal texts as well.
-The apprentice will gain abilities that make him a better student, but only as long as the Fortuneteller remains alive.

Everyone got an individual event night 0. The only other actions were the Fortuneteller peek and the Scouting report.

VoraciousReader 03-24-2007 11:45 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Everyone should receive a role PM by this afternoon, barring further internet issues.

Ordinary villagers are receiving the following PM:

Subject: CYOA ROLE

Night 0:

You are an ordinary mercenary fighter (a.k.a. a villager).

You lie awake and look at the ceiling, trying to quiet your busy mind. The activity in the camp is dying down (and you recognize the familiar sound of Gan snoring from the direction of your firepit), but some are still up and about (likely feeling as restless as you are). You don’t know what is ahead of you, only that it will be long and perilous. How will you spend the next few hours of wakefulness?

a. You rise from your bedroll, light a lantern, and take out your journal. Perhaps getting your thoughts down on paper will help ease your mind.

b. You hear some friends chit-chatting a few tents over. Maybe by talking to them you could learn some more about the upcoming trip or at the very least share some old war stories until you fall asleep.

c. You rise and stretch, grab the blade that is never far from your hand, leave the tent and slip out into the darkness. A little practice is never amiss.

d. You decide to remain still in bed until you can relax, using the time to rehearse battle scenarios in your mind.

Please PM your decision to GetThere1Time and myself before 6 am EST on Monday morning.

VoraciousReader 03-24-2007 12:00 PM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
<u><font color="red">ABSOLUTELY A MUST READ</font></u>

For the purposes of the story, all in-thread events are written as though the reader is a plain villager.

To avoid any angleshooting, whether intentional or accidental, we have decided against separate "paths" for villagers. Instead, the villagers make choices that accumulate points in a variety of areas. When you meet the target point total for an ability, you are awarded that ability. This means all vanillagers will have the same set of choices every evening.

The vanillager choices will be posted in the night post along with the group decision. This ensures that all players will always know what the vanillas are choosing from that night cycle.

Villagers pm their individual night actions along with their group vote. They will learn the result of their action, and any acquired ability in a private pm that will be sent to them the next morning.

Individual night decision actions should be for the purpose of developing your personal power, NOT proving your guilt/innocence or teaching others how to develop certain powers. You MAY discuss in thread any action that you took that affected another player (for example, if you earned a night kill/seer peek/vote buy and used it, you may claim that). You may NOT discuss the steps/decisions you took that impacted only yourself/your power, or decisions you made that led to that power.

<font color="red">Anyone violating this rule will be insta-killed and that will serve as the village lynch for the day. Night will fall immediately, and if the day event decision has not yet been made, it will be randomized.</font>

Anyone posting a screenshot or cut/pasting a pm will get the same consequence.

In short, we are NOT kidding. Mercenary justice is swift and brutal.

VoraciousReader 03-26-2007 08:54 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Page 4 [cont]

It is the morning of the second day on the road to Eleria. You rise and ready yourself for the day’s journey. When you have rolled up your tent and added it to your pack, you look about. The sun is surprisingly high in the sky, but there has been no signal to assemble yet. Shrugging your pack onto your shoulders, you head in the direction of the command tents.

Turn to page 6

VoraciousReader 03-26-2007 08:58 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Page 6

Shouts ring out.

“Tell her Get is dead!”

“She’s killed too!”

You spy a seasoned warrior standing above the lifeless body of GetThere1Time. One young fighter emerges from a tent with a blue banner, which you recognize as belonging to VoraciousReader. He falls to his knees and vomits. A lot.

“What could have happened here?” you ask the older man.

He meets your eyes directly. Pale and expressionless he points to the thin line of blood around Get’s throat. “Treachery.”

The band must vote. The captains are dead. Perhaps the best thing to do is to turn around and rejoin the main band. That could delay things by several weeks, though, and the desperate queen may take her juicy contract elsewhere. Maybe you can root out the murderer (murderers?) yourselves and continue on.

If you choose to turn around and rejoin the main band, turn to page 5.
If you choose stay where you are until you locate the evil-doers, turn to page 8.
If you choose to continue to Eleria and investigate on the way, turn to page 32.

<font color="red">Please send all votes to <font color="blue">GT1T</font> no later than 3 pm EST. Please include the page number you are voting for in the SUBJECT line to allow quick tallying.</font>

VoraciousReader 03-26-2007 09:12 AM

Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria
Please Note: Today’s timetable is a little different from the rest of the game, because there was no group event night 0. The regular timetable will be approximately:

9 am: Thread opens. Night event result and deaths will be revealed.

Noon: Day Event choices are revealed.

4 pm: Votes are Due by PM. Results will be posted sometime between 4 and 5 pm.

9 pm: Lynch. Night Group event and Individual Villager event will be posted along with Lynch Results.

It would REALLY help us mod this game if anyone who is able to gets their night individual event/actions in by 1 am EST. Actions are absolutely due by 7 am EST, but the earlier the better. Thank you.

That said, Brave Mercenaries of the Battle Hawks, It is now...


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