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LeapFrog 11-28-2007 11:28 PM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome

- used to watch the Playboy Channel with me while we played said games. When a money shot was about to happen he would stop play and announce "hold on, cum scene".

[/ QUOTE ]

Uh what? Actual cum shots on PB? IIRC even spice didn't have that. Are you saying your dad just liked to watch the bad closeup on the guys face as he groans? [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


- once leased a car and drove it around the country. Went way over on miles. Ended up jacking it up in reverse in our garage and backed about 80% of the miles off of it before turning it in. It took him weeks

[/ QUOTE ] I dunno man this didn't work in FBDO...

Not ripping on your Dads awesomeness, below is incredibly strong and is a tough one to top


once blew up a toilet at a hotel with an M-80. While trying to put it back together, he cut himself. Thinking fast, he called the lobby and told them the toilet broke and he got cut in the process...they hooked him up with the Presidential Suite for the rest of the trip.

[/ QUOTE ]

edit: arg just read Noah's post (and Rhino's now) -- guess I should read to the end before replying

surfinillini 11-28-2007 11:53 PM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
He makes $450/hour

tuq 11-28-2007 11:58 PM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
Since three respondents brought it up (I thought it was the throwaway comment in my response):

I remember the Ferris Bueller's Day Off bit well (and I feel that movie is overrated, but that's for a different thread), and don't care what he said. The miles came off the car and he ran it basically all day at reverse idle speed and got it back to roughly the allotment. He saved himself a ton of money doing so.

Golden_Rhino 11-29-2007 12:01 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
Since three respondents brought it up:

I remember the Ferris Bueller's Day Off (and I feel that movie is overrated, but that's for a different thread), and don't care what he said. The miles came off the car and he ran it basically all day at reverse idle speed and got it back to roughly the allotment. He saved himself a ton of money doing so.

[/ QUOTE ]

FWIW I chose to disbelieve the movie.

Frogic 11-29-2007 12:24 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
When I was a kid my family used to go on these marathon 1-2 week road trips. He did most of the driving. When he did he was often smoking pot from his pipe while driving with his knees going 100+(km/h) on the highways. Zero fatalities.

IlPug 11-29-2007 01:18 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
My dad is awesome.

Very smart guy, not an outrageous IQ or anything, but high. He can talk accurately about just about anything (science might be the exception, but even then he's accurate, if not precise). So he's totally geeky (like me) but at the same time a total jock (my uncle told me he had the talent to play pro baseball when he was younger, but decided it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life, apparently). He's got really strong genes, then, because he has 6 kids, from 3 wives, all of whom look like him, and have the same sense of humor. Also we're all geeky/jocky. My older brother lettered in Basketball, Football and Baseball, and was offered scholarships to college for all three. Genes, heh. He's also very Republican, seriously like a real life Denny Crane. Sometimes even I can't tell if he's as right-wing as he says or if he's just making fun of people who think he's that right-wing. I remember asking him why he joined the army during Vietnam (he went to college to become a teacher, and his dad and brother were both farmers, so he coulda stayed out, I think) and he said something like, 'I was the best guy for the job - wasn't gonna let some other poor [censored] get shot up for something I could do.' (how and why he felt that way I haven't quite figured out yet, but he still had the balls to serve when he definitely had other options, and this is something I still don't think I have the balls to do.)

He's been working for the government now since he finished college, not making much money doing it, but truly loving what he does. I remember once, when living in the Philippines and working with the embassy there, there was a guy who kept driving by our house, 2 times or so a day, almost everyday for about a week. The security guard at the house told my dad about it, and my dad told him to let him know if he drove by again (if my dad was home) and got surveillance on the house from the embassy. So, the van is parked outside the house that night, and the marines at the embassy are put on alert. Sure enough, the next day as my dad is leaving for work, the security guard yells out 'Sir, thats him!' pointing to a car that drove past. My dad screeches out of the driveway, coffee cup still on the roof of the car and chases the guy down. The surveillance team follow, and my dad does one of those cool, right out of a movie, overtake and stop infront of the car so the dude couldn't get away-things. He pulls his gun, orders the guy out of the car, does the Groucho march up to him, cuffs him. The marine-security detail turn up a little while later and my dad is sitting on the trunk next to the guy (in cuffs) and says 'Never send a marine detail, when an army man will do'. Turns out the poor bastard's wife was having an affair with a white guy who lived on our street. Lived two houses down from us, and he thought my dad was the guy. He was also friends with the former president of the Philippines and then Vice-president, Joseph Estrada (who was recently pardoned for the crimes he was impeached for - my dad has maintained his innocence the whole way), who came to all his birthday parties and social gatherings, and was always ready to enjoy a good steak, some whisky and a cigar with my pop. It was a strange relationship from the Filipino press' point of view, as 'Uncle Erap', as we called him, as always very anti-American in his politics, but was best friends with a man who was pretty high up in terms of Americans stationed in the country and is a very proud American. Erap always wanted to be godfather to us, but, as my mom was buddhist (and married to a man with conservative blood running through his veins!? no wonder it didn't work) we were never baptized. Anyway, my dad's a badass, I have other stories but think they'll have to wait till he retires.

He's been married 4 times now, and women, you might say, are his one glaring flaw. He never cheated on my mom, I don't think (believe me, if she even suspected it, she would have made SURE me and my siblings knew it), and has great relationships with all of his kids, even though we're all-over the world and don't see him all that often. He's always there to talk to on the phone, or chat with on MSN, sends out weekly emails with things he's found funny during the week. His latest wife is a very good looking woman (objectively speaking, no oedipus complex here, I swear) 15 years his junior and is absolutely and totally in love with him. They just had a little girl who just turned one! (pimp!)

He's always been honest, very loving, and well spoken. He's instilled in all his kids (I think) great moral and ethical values. He's always been a great father, if he wasn't always a great husband. I'm definitely proud to call him 'Dad' and he's showed me what it means to be a man.

Avicka 11-29-2007 01:21 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
My dad used to get pissed at my bro and I in HS for getting [censored]-faced with groups of friends in our basement. Instead of doing it calmly, he's just walk down wearing nothing but whitey-tighties to declare, in Old Man Ramble, "Ya'll Gotta Git." Ask 'T0ne about it.

Oh, and once he went dove hunting in S GA with work partners, and shot the hunting dog between the eyes. He hasn't lived it down since.

EMc 11-29-2007 01:22 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
One of the earliest memories is putting up with my little 5 year old self wanting to heelp him build stuff when I was clearly inept. But man did I have fun and it was probably worth it for both of us.

When I was like 7 he told me he got me a Mike Richter plaque and said it might be even signed. Well he couldnt get is signed but knew I wanted it so bad he did it himself, me being none the wiser for like 7 years until I noticed his first name signature and the one on the plaque were pretty much the same.

He would take me and my cousin on vacations every year and would make sure I was always happy during them, even if it was it his expense. I guess thats something parents normally do but I never realized it until I looked back on it.

He helped move me into school the first year and got me all settled etc. When it was time to depart I had never really seen him that upset, I guess it was the first time in a long time like a felt like he really loved me. I mean I know he did but hes like me and probably has a hard time showing it.

He now supports me while im in college and has taken an interest in poker. He has an account here but only like 10 posts of which I think 5 are me posting on his account. He did make a final table before me, but I dont really play donkaments.

I guess as im older Ive just begun to realize and appreciate that he always looks out for my happiness and well being, which is all one can really ask for in a father.

OOPSYDOOPSYBRO 11-29-2007 02:46 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
He doesn't pay child support.

GAL 11-29-2007 03:07 AM

Re: Examples of why your dad is/was awesome
My reasons a little different.

My dad isn't my biological Father and he doesn't know that I know, up until I found out I never suspected either, simply because he always has treated me like a Son.

I honestly think it would break his heart if he knew that I knew.

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