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View Poll Results: What's most effective?
Abstain from poker-related activites completely for a week or two? 19 25.33%
Get a poker coach that reviews videos/HHs? 3 4.00%
Get a poker coach that focuses on the emotional side (like a rory)? 3 4.00%
Cease playing and instead spend a week or two analyizing my own HHs? 13 17.33%
Post more hands? 7 9.33%
Re-read psychology books like Tao, Zen, or Trading in the Zone? 11 14.67%
Watch videos (like stox's)? 1 1.33%
Reduce the number of tables? 8 10.67%
Give up on 6max and try to learn NL? 10 13.33%
Voters: 75.

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