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PL/NL Texas Hold'em >> Small Stakes

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Reged: 06/24/06
Posts: 178
Loc: Australia
Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long*
      #6934997 - 08/15/06 09:53 PM

Here's a summary of the poker content for ahnuld's trip in the well.

I would also like to pass on my huge thanks to the guys that have spent time in the well - it's been awesome.

How do you react to villian who bets first when you PF raised?

It depends on the villan and the size of the bet. If it's a min or really small raise, i'll almost always reraise to the size of the original bet with any holding and they will generally fold. If it's a regular villan and he's betting closer to the size of the pot, i'll generally have notes on what that means, but i'll often call with an overpair to get it in on a non flush card turn. If its a dry flop, i'll sometimes raise, sometimes call and evaluate turn. If he checks any turn card, i'll generally bet 50-60% of the pot and see how he reacts. Mostly gets semi storng hands to fold, and better hands to reraise. No sense in betting full pot if you can get the same info for less, which this bet allows you to do.

When do you C/R and when do you float agianst a constant cbetter?

Iíll cr a constant cbettor with air every once in awhile to mix it uo, but mostly with my draws and made hands. I led alot of these hands, but ill still CR about 50% of the time with a draw or made hand so when I check the flop he doesnt automatically get to pick it up. This leads to problems when I cr with a draw and he calls, becuase the turn will be awkward no matter what, but that's just a good reason to practise bankroll management, so you can deal with those difficult turns and not sweat the result.

I'll float OOP only if I know he checks turn, fold river alot unimproved. Its really easy to recognise these guys becuase they check the flop alot in position if they missed, or they fire one bet but then never bother with a second barrel. Try to pick up on that and exploit it in the future, you can get a lot of small to medium pots this way.

I'll float in position against the same opponents as described above. Floating won't work as well against an opponent who fires a lot of second barrels. it will make your life too hard. Just call those guys with strong hands or even medium hands often and see what happens on the turn. Maybe it will be a good spot to call/minraise/push. See what happens and take it from there.

How often do you double barrel?

It depends on the opponent and the flop. A flop like 339 is great for double barreling. Thell call the first bet, but thats just silly, becuyase they almost always fold to the 80% pot turn bet that follows. They cant take theat kind of heat becuase a higher PP is just too likly and thyem having hit the flop is just too unlikely. Of course, alot is player dependant and some guys call me down with any pair on any board whereas some guys will only play back with trips or better on paired boards. This question is really player dependant/ turn dependant (for example, a K turn is a great card to double barrel bluff on)

What would you suggest to guys moving up?

I wouldn't move up to any level until I have 20 buyins if we are talking small stakes and 30 buyins then 40 buyins as we move up in levels. I don't think moving up is an event though, it's something that happens more graudally. You should always be looking for the best games, and when your bankroll is getting bigger and your game is getting better, you should be looking to play good games at the level above your normal level. Generally for me now that means i'll be playing 6-7 games of 1000nl and maybe 1,2 games of 2000nl if they are good.

This allows you to get a feel for the games and not just jump in cold. The transition will be slow and eventually more and more of your tables will be of the higher limit as you get more comfortable in those game and the money seems more normal.

You should probably move down when 1. your bankroll drops below 10-15 buyins for your normal level or 2. you have lost confidence in your game and need to rebuild it by beating a smaller level.

What are a couple of essential skills that an average player at 1K has that the average player at 100NL doesn't have or has not developed yet?

The biggest difference imo between the two players is the way in which we think about the opponents hand range and its accuracy. You also develop a feel for when is best to second barrel and which players to not bluff at all other than maybe a cbet. But like I said, a lot of it is now I don't just say, "well I got trips on the river, gotta bet" but I try to think what hands my opponent could call me with given my image, his image, and the board. If I have a good but not great hand and it's pretty likely he was drawing or can't call another big bet anyways, sometimes i'll check behind. It can look dumb when he has bottom or middle pair but he generally wasnt calling another bet anyways.

In your opinion, what is the strongest aspect of your play? What gives you the the biggest edge over your opponents?

I feel like my edge comes from my hand reading skills, my aggression, and my having the guts to call off my stack with mid pair if I need to or fold top two/trips when I think i'm beat.

What's the biggest factor behind your awesomeness as a poker player? (If it's table selection, then I want to hear the second biggest factor)

Biggest reason for my awesomeness would be my feel for the flow of the game and knowning what some opponents are capable of doing and what others arent. Its knowing how they would play their hands and why, so after seeing a showdown or two I can get a feel for how they see and play the game. If the guy slowplayed his flopped set until the river and won a 6bb pot, that tells me alot. If the guy bet bet bet his draw that tells me something too (that hes gonna be annoying to play with).

In your opinion, what were some of the biggest adjustments you had to make in moving from 1/2 to 5/10 so quickly? Larger bet sizes? Aggression? 3rd level thinking? More bluffing?

Biggest adjustment would probably be with dealing with their aggression. You should always be aggressive, even at 25nl. The thing is the opponents aren't and it takes time to learn how to play when always being played back at, bet into. Not to say they do that a lot, but it becomes a lot more frequent as you move up. You can also start betting less than pot as you move up to allow more room for manouvering. At small stakes this isn't as important becuase your opponents don't really think about the game and if you can play like a bot you'd probably clean up.

Most common mistake SSNL players make?

not firing enough second barrels against some opponents/ firing too many against others

alright, some elaboration before I go multitable.

Some guys are just loose loose loose. You can fire every single scare card coming on every street and they will call you down with 22. It happens at 25nl and I know players who do it at 1k nl. The point I was trying to make is your job is to figure these things out and then adjust your play accordingly. A lot of guys will take cards off OOP, which is really dangerous because then they will have to face a lot of second barrels on flops that they wil either be really weak or strong on. Something like T82 rainbow flop is great to fire again on on most turn cards. I mean, he either has a set or a hand that can't take much heat on this board. If he has a set, it doesn't matter much becuase my hand doesnt need pot control, I have no showdown value and don't care if I get blown off of it by a big CR. If I have an overpair, and the opponent is nitty, i'll be more likely to check the turn in that spot than with air. If a 2,3,K,Q rolls off and he checks, i'm often firing with crap and he'll fold most of the time. Of course, I know my opponent and I know he's capable of folding 9T there becuase he doesnt wanna call my all in bet on the river with that hand.

Some guys will go broke with 9T there. They always think i'm bluffing and call me down. Of course, it takes me bluffing off half my stack to figure that out the first time against them, but then I know not to fire again without the goods, a good draw. I don't let them run me over either, every now and again i'll do a turn bet with crap again just so I don't become completely predictable to these players, but i'll need a hand 90% of the time to fire the turn.

What are your thoughts on PSBing a river out of position as a bluff against weak opponents?

Bet whatever you do when you have a made hand if they are at all observant. Bet 1/2 pottish if it looks like a big part of their range was a draw, but you should be doing that with made hands too sometimes to get paid off. River bluffs can be successful but like I said earlier, you need to go over the hand really quickly in your head to assign a rough hand range, and then think how likely a bluff would be against that range.

What are your cold call on the button and CO numbers in PT? In general, what do you think of cold calling on the button (6-max)? What kinds of hands, what kinds of opponents do you do it against? Do you prefer reraising instead?

4.6% on the button, and 3% in the CO. I didn't even know those numbers existed.

As you can see, I dont cold call a lot. It would probably always be PP's and suited connectors. I prefer reraising alot of other hands preflop than coldcalling, even with hands like AJ. It's just a crappy situation to be calling with medium strength aces or KQ becuase even if you catch the flop, which doesn't happen a lot, you have to play for pot control becuase your hand is weak, and if he has AK and you both flop good, you are kinda stuck calling him down which sucks too. Id either fold if he was really tight, or reraise if he plays laggy.

If we are playing deep I might cold call with offsuit connectors, suited broadways, and some other hands becuase I can put a ton of pressure on him on a lot of boards, and most guys won't back up their deep stacks. If they will back up their deepstacks with AA on scary boards, take a note, flop a hand, and take it all.

How do you take notes? More specifically what things are important to put there and what things are not necessary? Do you find your notes more useful than using PT (if you use it)?

PT is pretty essential if you want to multitable. I don't bother taking notes in there though becuase i'd never have time in the game to go check there, I just use the pop up game time window for PFR and VP$iP stats, and use that along with my reads and my party notes. But there's no way I could 8 table without PT, just becasue I often don't have a read on the non regulars but can deduce their playing style by their numbers.

Taking notes should be done whenever you see a hand out of the ordinary, or something not standard, like he called down with 22, led into pfr with ___, CR when he had _______, impossible to bluff, that sort of stuff. Here are some random examples of my party notes on other players.

slightly overbet river as a bluff after I checked behind turn
checks flop with nut flush draw and overs in limped

called flop bet with JQ as overs

flat called his flush when I repped it and led into him on turn

only 4 bets with AA?

I dont think he triple barrels, 3rd bet is a safe fold?

reraised JJ preflop, then open pushed low flop for more than pot

got all in for stacks with 88 vs samo

I'm a losing players with small suited connectors (T9s-65s, T8s-64s) What strategy do you take towards small suited connectors? Are these limp only hands? Can we cold call raises with suited connectors? What do you think is the key to being successful with these hands?

I think you should raise, rather than open limp or limp these hands in 6 max games. If you only raise big cards and pairs, it would be pretty easy for opponents to mess and with your cbet on any low flop. Some of my suited connecotrs are winning while others are losing hands, but in the end I think they break even. The real value from them is all metagame. They allow your cbets to take it down more frequently when you whiffed, they get you action on your pfr's when you have AA KK, they get your sets paid off becuase you would play a draw to a straight or flush the same way.

Can you talk a little about hand reading and putting your opponents on hand ranges? It's something I've struggled with as I've switch from LHE to NL. Do you go by memory or do you use notes?

A lot of it is obvious. There's a flush draw on board, you fire the flop and turn, and then the flush gets there on the river. He checks, check behind, becuase no worse hands will call and a flush is a big part of his hand range given how he played it.

But most of it won't be that obvious. You'll need to notice how they play their big hands, their draws, their medium hands, and either take a note of that or remeber it. Then when you play future hands against the same guy, you can go over your notes and remeber what he did in each spot. Using that and how he is playing this current hand, you can narrow his hands down to a pretty accurate range and play accordingly.

Do you raise A6s from utg+1 at 6-max or utg at 5-max or only from CO and btn (as the whole: good hands in/oop, worse hands in position).

I play way to many tables to even consider playing A6-9 suited early on. It's probably not great ev anyways, but I can't be playing that many hands when I have 9 games running at the same time.

You have the following hands in the following positions. Who do you repop a standard preflop raise againt... lap, tag, both, or neither? (assume all others will fold)

KQs Btn
76s BB
76 Btn
99 BB
99 Btn

I'd straight up fold KQs to a raise from a TAG in ep, especially if noone else was coming along.

Most of these hands i'd rather repop a button raiser than flat call. But i'd probably call with 99 in BB and on button vs most guys. They'd have to have a really high pfr number before i'd want to start repoping 99. Even though it should be a lot better than their range, it just builds a big pot and isn't that strong. OOP you really dont want a call, so i'd be more inclined to reraise in position. If I called from bb, i'd probably lead on any flop with 99 though.

76o I don't bother with becuase I play too many tables. I'll normally call but if we are deep or the guy has been raising my blind a lot i'll repop 76s from the bb.

What is your VP$IP and PFR? Also, would you change it if you were going to play lower limit games seriously?

I run around 21/12. I would probably get my numbers a little higher, like 23/15, just becuase people are less aggressive so there is some money to be made by raising more hands myself preflop. Also I would think most people couldn't play as well as me postflop so i'd play more hnads in position to maximise earn.

Full ring is different though. I think I ran at 14/8 when I played 200nl and 400nl full ring before I made the transition to six max games last december.

What's your take on cbetting, especially in HSNL. Every knows that every1 does it. So do you raise them with air? how often do you cbet? when do you 3bet bluff.etc etc

Nah, becuase if you start raising with air too much people will start pushing over the top of your raises with air too, which is good for you sometimes. So it's good to CR with air every once in awhile, but the key is to just do it with the right frequency, that is to say, only once in awhile.

I almost always cbet, only if im OOP with nothing with 2,3 opponents left do I not. But I will even with those condiitons on the right board, like 66J board.

3 bet bluffs are a little silly, the guy who is raising almost always has a hand. Infact, these days the 2+2 knowledge is so common that if you get raised after leading into pfr it's much more likely that he has a strong draw, a set, or air than an overpair.

Method that helped you improve ur game the most?

Playing a lot of hands helped but just reading a lot of 2+2, asking posters who I didn't understand to explain their posts, and posting a lot of hands myself helped. But I also read all the hsnl threads, even when it was way above my level, and tried to understand the reasoning behind the advice there.

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Reged: 11/17/05
Posts: 1419
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: Dory]
      #6935313 - 08/15/06 10:23 PM

Thanks again Dory.

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Reged: 08/31/05
Posts: 1638
Loc: Beat: Santa Maria CA
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: Dory]
      #6935356 - 08/15/06 10:27 PM

how fricken long does it take you to do this? and thanks!!

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old hand

Reged: 06/07/06
Posts: 1111
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: BukNaked36]
      #6935463 - 08/15/06 10:37 PM


Thanks again Dory.

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Dan Bitel
Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 05/26/05
Posts: 11164
Loc: Bork! Bork! Bork!
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: MrMxyztplk]
      #6935661 - 08/15/06 10:53 PM

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Reged: 12/03/05
Posts: 514
Loc: It's Brandt
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: Dory]
      #6936065 - 08/15/06 11:30 PM

sweet, thank you for putting this together!

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Reged: 02/17/05
Posts: 2628
Loc: UK
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: Dory]
      #6936414 - 08/16/06 12:04 AM

Great work, tyvm.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 01/13/06
Posts: 3306
Loc: Reykjavik
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: _dave_]
      #6939554 - 08/16/06 07:27 AM

Dory. Your a credit to humanity for doing this. Thanks.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 01/12/06
Posts: 5480
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: Wolfram]
      #6939619 - 08/16/06 07:44 AM

much thanks for doing this

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Reged: 06/07/05
Posts: 2076
Loc: In the Red
Re: Poker content from ahnuld in the well *long* [Re: gimmetheloot]
      #6939643 - 08/16/06 07:49 AM

These should be added to the master sticky

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