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Hit n Run Artist. Literally.

Reged: 06/27/04
Posts: 10043
Loc: Somerville
Coaching Idea, x-posted
      #12525438 - 10/16/07 10:59 AM

Hey all, since the coaching thread in SSNL was locked, I'm cross-posting the idea here with the intention of responding to questions. (That got locked)

The post...


hey guys. On my flight to CA yesterday I did some thinking. (and reading, read "Blink, the power to think without thinking", which I highly recommend) and I had an idea for coaching. Figured I'd ask it here, since, well, I'll let you guys decide.

I was thinking about introducing a new program for my coaching. Currently I coach online using either skype or aim (sometimes both) and caution the client against doing more then ~2 a week, since it's important to absorb (and put theory into practice) the lecture material.

Would there be any interest in say a "3-day workshop," where you fly to Boston, stay with me (i'm trying to write this in the least gay way possible) for 3days/2nights, where I squeeze my entire program (14hrs of coaching), plus offer a few more things? (I have a ton of ideas of how certain non poker related games and strategies help poker... ie. Minesweeper, Chess, and certain books) Figured that would enable me to live sweat as well, answer all Qs THERE, and in general just be "the best possible coach". I figured I'd include a few things, like a copy of my book etc. so that the client would have that upon leaving (to refer to just in case)


SpecT wrote:

wow that actually sounds really cool. cost?

I was thinking about charging 3k.

Maulik wrote:

The idea could certainly work. My initial impression is, while its a good idea, it's best for either a strong player who is beating some upper-crust of mid-stakes games or someone who will receive a crash course. At the same time, one who is beginning the game would be able to treat this as a crash course in poker. Those players who have been struggling for a while, need more time to soak up theory.

I am not sure, I think there would be immense value for everyone (!)

willw wrote:

Does bobbo's current method of teaching require like 10+ lessons

I think all (hopefully!) who have done fewer then 10 lessons from me have gained value. Some people only want 1 or 2 lessons, as a leak-finder type deal. I think those lessons aren't as good, since (and this is my recurring philosophy) leaks aren't quickly fixed, but rather it's more important to understand the 'why' before the 'leak' itself is plugged. (Ex. people sometimes say calling with a certain type of hand OOP is exploitable and leaky. So they stop doing it. BUT, this is nowhere close to as important as the "Why," which could be a positional acuteness or the typical type of hand/situation you will be in postflop, without impetus. Also, those that fallback on these guidelines typically miss certain situations where calling with that certain type of hand is the most pos EV)

GSykes wrote:

BobboFitos, I would love to partake in something like this.

Sweet, you could be my ginea (sp?) pig! PM me, my box should be clear.

Abeatdown wrote:

What is a sweat session?

I think this was directed at me, but in any event - since the student will be there (I have solid internet) obviously the intent will be to LEARN (roughly ~7 hours on day 1 and ~7 on day 2, or something similar) clearly there is room for playing. (Implementation) I don't find online sweating useful, but in the process of playing we could stop, talk, and discuss THEORY and put it into PRACTICE.

Eric Draven wrote:

I'm too poor to do this anytime soon, but I think it's a great idea. I'm sure you'd get enough to make it worth it for both yourself and students if you were to offer it. Heck, I'd probably be all over it if I wasn't a poor college student that barely has a bankroll for micros


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Hit n Run Artist. Literally.

Reged: 06/27/04
Posts: 10043
Loc: Somerville
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: BobboFitos]
      #12525450 - 10/16/07 11:00 AM


2) The forum is not intended for private coaching. As to whether the forum is open to private coaches posting, if the posts are in response to specific questions that is not a problem. However, the forum is not intended to be used to promote specific private coaches and we would appreciate coaches respecting that forum posting guideline.

Err, just read this. If that's the case, please unlock the SSNL post so we can resume the discussion there. Otherwise, I'd like this topic to remain here.

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former trader of stox

Reged: 09/26/03
Posts: 2811
Loc: stoxpoker
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: BobboFitos]
      #12526438 - 10/16/07 12:26 PM

I don't have a problem with this thread unless it causes competition/spamming amongst individual coaches.

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Pat Southern
Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 02/18/04
Posts: 2601
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: stoxtrader]
      #12526979 - 10/16/07 01:09 PM

Clear your PMs.

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Mr Congeniality

Reged: 11/19/05
Posts: 8167
Loc: Raising the flop
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: Pat Southern]
      #12527611 - 10/16/07 01:58 PM

I think that this is a very good idea and would be interested

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 02/03/05
Posts: 6132
Loc: incognito
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: BobboFitos]
      #12528053 - 10/16/07 02:35 PM

This sounds like what Tommy Angelo does, and everything I've heard about his coaching sounds very good.

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Reged: 10/21/04
Posts: 1340
Loc: Space for Rent
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: BobboFitos]
      #12530420 - 10/16/07 05:11 PM

I like the idea as well. Being coached over aim or something doesn't thrill me a whole lot. If I could learn all there is to learn by reading text on my computer screen, well, it would have happened already.

Live coaching is the only way I'd go and would recommend all coaches try to figure out a way to do that.

The only downside (which could be a big one) is that you're cramming all this stuff into your client's head in 3 days. He doesn't have time between lessons for it to 'sink in'. Having never been coached, I don't know if that's an issue or not.


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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 03/23/04
Posts: 4515
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: BobboFitos]
      #12532124 - 10/16/07 07:08 PM

Live coaching by the day is regularly offered by backgammon coaches, e.g., Bill Robertie used to advertise rates of $1000/day.

It's hard for a lot of material to sink in over a short period of time. It's good to have a lot of handouts and material the student can take away to review later, to reinforce the coaching, and a variety of activities to do within the 3 days.

Frequently, the coach goes to the players instead of having the players come to the coach. A disadvantage is that you have to add the travel/accomodation costs in explicitly, and it is easier for the student to focus on one subject when away from home. An advantage is that a group of friends can hire a coach, and each can get as much out of it as he likes.

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Reged: 08/22/06
Posts: 476
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: pzhon]
      #12533246 - 10/16/07 08:37 PM


Please check pm/email.

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Reged: 09/11/07
Posts: 3
Loc: Mission Viejo, CA
Re: Coaching Idea, x-posted [Re: dw2006]
      #12534624 - 10/16/07 10:11 PM

How does this program compare to your regular 14 hour program in terms of cost? What is the hourly for the 14 individual sessions vs. the 3 day cram session?


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