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PL/NL Texas Hold'em >> Full Ring

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Cry Me A RiverModerator
Like Tears In Rain

Reged: 06/15/04
Posts: 4866
The Collective Wisdom of 2+2
      #11951951 - 09/04/07 10:40 PM

Somebody in the Beginner Forum asked about a complete list of Pooh-Bah posts. As editor of the FRNL Digest, I apparently didn't have enough to do this week-end collecting threads for that Digest... So here then is a compilation of 2+2 wisdom.

These are any "essential" posts linked in any strat/high signal forum's sticky. Including Digests, Wells and informative FAQs themselves. I have not included stickies/FAQs which consist of no actual information just posting guidelines.

Some forums do not include links to digests in their stickies. Wherever possible I've dug these out and listed them, however I did NOT go through the archives so anything predating the regular Search will not be listed here (regular search seems to be limited to just 2 years so anything prior is not included if it wasn't found in a sticky).

I've only compiled from English forums.

I've included strat/high signal forums which did not yield any entries to show that they weren't skipped or omitted. And since any of those forums certainly have the potential for Pooh-Bah type posts (they likely do already and they're just not stickied) this gives them a spot in this document in the event this list is ever updated.

In many cases I've just ripped links from the original FAQs. All credit should go to the original author(s)/editor(s) of those FAQs and compilations.

Obviously this document is not meant to replace actually reading the original forums and original stickies. Particularly since aside from any immediate edits in the next couple days, this is unlikely to ever be updated (even with new content limited to Digest lists for a few forums, this thing was a bear to put together).

So why have I done this? Synergy. We tend to stick to the forums of games/structures which we actively play and seldom venture outside those walls. However, we can learn a lot from other forms of poker and other ways people are doing things and even the differences in how forums are being run. For example, the MTT Community's RSS feed syndication could be adopted by a number of other forums who have regs with blogs.

I'm posting this in FRNL so that I can edit it if needed, particularly to add any missing Digests, Wells or Pooh-Bah posts. Please post there if you have any additions.

BTW - I think the Single Table Tournament Forum FAQ is easily the best and nicest laid out FAQ on 2+2 and we should all steal their format :)

Beginners Questions
What do the numbers xx/yy/zz mean? BEGINNER FORUM FAQ
Poker Wiki This page was put up by some 2p2er's and has tons of good information.
Lostwage's Odds Chart
Raze's Pooh Bah post This is one player's story about getting started in online poker and working his way up. Very inspirational!

Brick and Mortar
The Definitive Guide to using the 2+2 Forums Search!
A Newbie Guide to B&M Small Stakes No Limit Cash Games
The gigantic Vegas restaurant thread - Searching for a topic on any forum at 2+2? this is your first stop!
Las Vegas development maps
The B&M Card Room Newbie Guide v. 4
LasVegasMichael's list of Regularly Spread Tournaments in Vegas
InThacup's "A trip report I never posted..." - this is perhaps the most beloved trip report in 2+2 history!
JSD's guide to low limit straddling - A very funny look at a -EV activity
Casino player ratings & the host position - trying2learn tells us what its like to be a host, and how to use a casino host for your advantage.
Congratulations! You just became the manager of a Vegas poker room! How would you manage a card room if your job was to assure a specific limit game?
The definitive tipping post - visiting Las Vegas? This is the thread to discuss how much you should tip. Its a thread thats sure to cause controversy, but its a great guideline.
A great thread where there is lots of discussion about underground clubs, and the legal issues around them. - this thread is mostly about NYC's troubles, but its possible the legal concepts will apply in other states as well.
How to navigate Las Vegas traffic on and around the strip - learn all the secret side roads the locals use.

Home Poker
Helpful links for building tables
TwoRooks legendary home poker thread (comedy)
Axe Man Jack looking to "intimidate"

Poker Theory

Poker Legislation
Master Sticky ***Under Construction***
Discussion on the Frank Bill - H.R. 2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007
H.R. 2610 Discussion - the Skill Game Protection Act introduced by Rep. Wexler (FL-19)
Financial Services Site with Video - House Financial Services Hearing: Can Internet Gambling Be Effectively Regulated to Protect Consumers and the Payments System?
Discussion Regarding Hearing
Master Letter Thread

High Stakes Limit

Medium Stakes Limit

Small Stakes Limit
Before You Post in This LIMIT Forum, Please Read
CallMeIshmael's Statistics Information
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 16 July 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 23 July 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 30 July 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 06 August 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 13 August 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 20 August 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 27 August 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 05 September 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 16 September 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 29 September 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 15 October 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 26 October 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 12 November 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 30 November 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 16 December 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 31 December 2005
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 15 January 2006
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 08 February 2006
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 04 March 2006
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 14 April 2006
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 30 May 2006
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest 12 July 2006
Small Stakes Digest- November 4th, 2006
Small Stakes Digest- December 2nd, 2006
Small Stakes Digest- January 1st, 2007
Small Stakes Digest- February 7th, 2007
Small Stakes Digest- March 9th, 2007
Small Stakes LIMIT Digest- April 14th, 2007
Belated and Abbreviated Small Stakes LIMIT May 2007 Digest
Small Stakes LIMIT June/July 2007 Digest
Small Stakes LIMIT August 2007 Digest

Micro Stakes Limit
MicroStakes LIMIT (not NL) Guidelines/FAQ v1.0
QTip's To the Aspiring New Player. Misconceptions about gettings started in LHE. (forum topic)
odds chart courtesy of 2+2'er Lost Wages. (external link)
bison's Notes on Notes. Details a popular method of rating players and introduces readers to the preflop-postflop classification of players. (example: LP-P is a loose passive preflop, passive postflop player). (2+2 topic)
Mason's book reviews. (2+2 topic)
Homer's confidence interval calculations for winrates. (2+2 topic)
Wookie's building a bankroll for newbies. (2+2 topic)
Ed's Crushing LLH post. (2+2 topic)
Ed's "Biggest Leak" post. (2+2 topic)
Ed's "Training Wheels" post on preflop play.
An active collection of favorite threads. (2+2 topic)
bison post on absolute/relative position and game selection considerations (2+2 topic)
Downswing Threads - A collection of threads on dealing with downswings and the bad side of variance.
MicroLimit Public Library (external link, but links back to 2+2 topics)
Micro-Limit Digest: 1/7/06 Edition
ML Digest: 1/24/06 Edition
Micro-Limit Digest: Edition for Week Ending 2/1/06
ML Digest: Week Ending 2/8/06
ML Digest Week Ending 2/16/06
ML Digest Through 2/28/2006
ML Digest Through 3/11/2006
ML Digest: 3/26/06 Edition
ML Digest: Period Ending 4/1/06
ML Digest Edition 4/18/06
ML Digest: A New Beginning 05/19/06
ML Digest for June 4, 2006
ML Digest for June 19, 2006
ML Digest for July 2, 2006
(belated) ML Digest for July 16
ML Digest for July 30, 2006
ML Digest for August 26, 2006
Finally a New Digest 09/18/06
Micro-Limit Digest, Nov. 13th, 2006
Micro-Limit Digest, Dec.6th, 2006
Micro Limit Digest, Jan. 24, 2007
Micro-Stakes LIMIT Digest, March 5, 2007
June 2007 Micro-Stakes LIMIT Digest
Micro-Stakes LIMIT Digest: August 2006 #1
The Micro-LIMIT Forum Digest - August 2006 #2

Mid-High Stakes Shorthanded
riverplay spreadsheet

Small Stakes Shorthanded
Small Stakes Short-Handed (SSSH) Posting Guidelines, FAQ and Essential Reading
Preflop Play
King Yao on pre-flop
TStoneMBD on Open limping on the Button
My post on CC’ing pf
Ed Miller’s Preflop Play: Take off the training wheels
Guruman on open-completing in the SB
Blind Defense
Anyone Want to Talk BLINDS?
Peter_rus on blind defense
StellarWind on call-c/r blind defense
BB stealing standards against tough blinds
Think about Shania
Peter_rus’s Flopping top pair or higher abilities for some hands.
Favorite threads on 2+2
Entity’s When a read is not a read
Wookie’s Six Max Baby Steps
Krishan’s How to tell if you are running good or bad (Revised v2)
Krishan’s 11 things to help pull out of a downswing...
Prepping for “the jump” (from 5/10 to 10/20)
Classic example of the c/c-c/c (or ILP) line
Ed Millar’s Why you guys aren't crushing these Microlimit games...
Ed Miller’s Biggest leaks
Sredni Vashtar's Beating the limit bully
Wookie’s 6 Max Stats FAQ
190k stat post
Robk’s Tentative Stats FAQ
Link Collections
Dietlime’s The (un)Definitive Blind Play links
Scotty’s Stealing and Playing in the Blinds
Downswing threads


High Stakes No Limit
A Best of Thread

Medium Stakes No Limit

Small Stakes No Limit
Lingo & Abbreviations
September 25th 2005 (posted by Isura)
Oct 10th 2005 (posted by Isura)
Oct 17th 2005 (posted by xorbie)
Nov 2nd 2005 (posted by xorbie)
November 20th 2005 (posted by xorbie)
Decemeber 14th 2006 - (posted by 4_2_it)
February 16 2006 (by 4_2_it)
March 11 2006 (by matrix128)
April 30th 2006 - by 4_2_it
Day of the Beast (6/6/06) By quarkncover
June 21 2006 By Jamougha
SSNL Digest for 7/3 2006, Part 1 (dbitel)
SSNL Digest for 7/3 2006, Part 2 (EMcWilliams)
SSNL Digest for 7/10 2006 (kitaristi0)
SSNL Digest for 7/17 2006 (Al_Money22)
SSNL Digest for 7/25 2006 (poincaraux)
SSNL Digest for September 6 2006 (Tickner)
SSNL Digest October 8, 2006 (TehPokarWizard)
SSNL Digest October 30, 2006 (74o_Clownsuit)
SSNL Digest 1-1-07 through 1-15-07 (MyTurn2Raise)
SSNL Digest 1/16/07-1/31/07 (MyTurn2Raise)
SSNL Digest 2-1-07--2/14-07 (MyTurn2Raise)
SSNL Digest 2/15/07 -- 2/28/07 (MyTurn2Raise)
SSNL Digest March 2007 (1/2) by 74o Clownsuite
SSNL Digest March 2007 (2/2) by 74o Clownsuite
SSNL Digest 5/1-5/18 2007 (74o Clownsuite)
Pooh-Bah Posts & PSAs
Mason55: Aggression Factor, VPIP, and You
Pokey: How to Use Pokertracker
ThaHero: Luck and Poker
FreakDaddy: Taking Notes and Making Reads
FreakDaddy: Taking Notes and Making Reads Part 2
Panthro:Some Thoughts on Continuation Bet Sizing
tannenj: Playing Junk from Late Position
carnivalhobo: Bet Sizing/Hand Reading
74o_Clownsuit: Discussion: Defending the Button
MasterLJ:Improving PT Performance
bilbo-san: Why am I c-betting? (theory)
goofyballer: Suited Connectors, Implied Odds, and You (theory/math)
Baluga Whale on the Confidence and Skill Needed to Move Up
PBJaxx: The Basics in Thinking in Terms of Ranges
BalugaWhale: 'Loose Aggresive Play'
dbitel: 'C/R vs. b/3b'
tannenj: 4-betting PF
EMcWilliams: 'Common actions and why we take them'
Pokey: 'addressing two big SSNL questions'
Pokey: 'Blind Stealing'
Mercman572 : 'Hand Ranges'
matrix128: 'LAG vs TAG'
quarkncover: 'Control'
djoyce003: 'Reads'
dbitel: 'Taking stealing the blinds to next level'
beavens: 'My Take On Tilt'
ajmargarine: 'Bankroll and Moving Up'
Pokey: 'The Parable of the Street Vendor'
Pokey: ToP Study Group Digest
poincaraux: 'Get it in'
BalugaWhale: 'Analysis of a downswing'
jjb108: 'A Non Pooh-bah Post'
epdaws: 'Playing Out of Position'
cbloom: 'What matters, What doesn't'
Pokey: 'Switching from Limit to No-Limit'
sam_h: Reraised Blind Battles and Bluffing with marginal hands
EMcWilliams: 'Tips for multitabling'
MikeyPatriot: 'How to Put It All Together and be a Winning Player'
Pokey: 'Summary of the Voluntary Statistics Survey'
ChipStorm: 'Poker, Options, Markets, People'
Pokey: 'How to use 2+2's search engine'
BalugaWhale: 'the so-called Baluga Theorem'
kazana: 'Some sound advice: Noise/content ratio'
Grunch: 'Difficult Decisions, Bad Designs'
Grunch: Calculating the Fold Equity Needed for Break Even Shoving
Moozh: Newbie Guide to B&M Play
Classic SSNL threads
whitelime's "Advice from a MHNL'er" Series
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
ajmargarine's "How's Your SSNLHE?" Series and other works
How's your SSNLHE?: A7o
How's your SSNLHE?: TT
How's your SSNLHE?: KJs
How's your SSNLHE?: T9s
How's your SSNLHE?: AJs
How's your SSNLHE?: 97s
How's your SSNLHE?: 33
How's your SSNLHE?: AKs
Poker 101: 76s
fimbulwinter's Collected Works:
Things Small Stakes Players Do Better Than Big Stakes Players
Calculating EV Part I: Calling an All-In Bet
Calculating EV Part II: Making an All-In Raise
mmm mmm, bitch (moving beyond set farming)
Deep Stacks, Implied Odds, Preflop Play and The State of SSNL
My 25NL Adventure/Pilgrimage
Re: When do move up from NL25?
Miscellany:The can of mixed nuts.
Retro II
Ray Zee's 'The Different Stages in a Player's Life'
SSNL Videos
How To Make a Video by Learning
iSTRONG Video #1 - NL$100 - 6Max
iSTRONG Video #2 - NL$50 6Max
iSTRONG #3 - NL$100 - 6Max
iSTRONG Video #4 - NL$200 6 max
jsnipes28 - NL$100 6Max 4 tables
riverfenix NL$100 6Max -- 4 tables
SmileyEH - NL$400 6 Max - 2 tables
tufat23 - NL$200 6 max - 2 tables
Clayton NL$200 - 6max
dingsdangsdongs - NL$200 6 max 4 tables
jsnipes - NL$100 6 max - 4 tables
iStrong Video 5 - NL$200 6 max
iStrong Video 7 - NL$100 6 max
iStrong Video 8 - NL$100 6 max 4 Tables
tufat NL$100 -9 tables
Clayton NL$200 4 tables
ScepT NL$100 4 tables
SpecT Video 2 NL$100 4 Tables
River Fenix 6- 6MAx NL$100 (March '07)
LegoPoker NL$100 Video - 6 Max
Niesilo 4-tabling NL$200
The Well
aba20 8/18/06 (summary)
El Diablo 8/16/06 (summary)
4_2_it 8/14/06
ahnuld 8/10/06 (summary)
cts 8/6/06 (summary)
EMcWilliams 8/2/06
yvesaint 7/24/06
mosuavea 7/19/06 (summary)
younghov17 7/17/06
dbitel 7/14/06 (summary)
The Well: Clayton
The Well: BalugaWhale
The Well: Pokey
The Well: JKratzer
The Well: orange
The Well: theBruiser500
The Well: goofyballer
The Well: tufat23
The Well: Jamougha
The Well: kitaristi0
The Well: Mason55
The Well: Luckybacon
The Well: ikestoys
The Well: MTblue
The Well: BobboFitos
The Well: Kilillan
The Well: Green Plastic
The Well: True
The Well: TheWorstPlayer
The Well: Snowbank
The Well: mrTEA
The Well: Black winter day
The Well: CappyAA
The Well: aejones
The Well: Snakekilla
The Well: xorbie
The Well: KRANTZ
Summary of Well Posts

Micro Stakes No Limit
New Users guide to uNL - FAQ & Posting Guidelines - READ THIS FIRST
ZOMG WTFBBQ11ELEVENTYONE11!!!1....An amazing anthology of 2p2 posts. READ THIS FIRST PLS.
The Basics
Lingo and abbreviations
uNL Posting Guidlines
SSNL Master Sticky Inside the SSNL Mastersticky you can find links to all of the great posts of SSNL, which are VERY relevant to uNL.
How to use PokerTracker
How to operate the search engine
Operating the search engine part 2 **3/27
AIM list
uNL IRC channel ** 1/24
GET YOUR n00b out** 3/1
Moving Up
When to move up from 25nl
Biggest Mistake You can Make when moving up
When to move up from 50nl
Moving from Limit to NL
Moving from Limit to NL
Limit Concepts that are teh sux0rz at NL
General Theory
A Framework for Poker Study
Opening up your eyes and your game
25NL observations
Baluga Theorem
Optimal 25nl Strategy
Optimal SSNL Strategy threads
6 Max tips for beginners
Basic Theory: Expected Value
4_2_its 25NL General Observations ** 3/19
ama's Pooh Bah CONNECT theory post ** 4/06
Ama unleashes war on whining **5/18
Bayes Theorem and Hand Reading:Bozzer walks through Bayes Theorem *6/26
Dealing with a Downswing
Short stacking what! **12/11
Continuation Betting
Continuation Betting- Part One
Why am I c-betting?
AJs should I cbet quiz **12/11
Notes and Reads
Hand reading and bet sizing
PAHUD stuff
Name that LINE!
Pokey....just Pokey *1/2
Raising PF
4xbb+1xbb for every limper...why?
How to Extract in general
Betting the turn versus betting the river
Implied Odds
Overestimating Implied Odds
uNL Concept of the week threads
Week 1: Floating
Week 2: 3-Betting Light
Week 3: Pot Control
Week 4: Valuebetting
Week 5: Reverse Implied Odds
uNL Videos
25nl, FTP
50nl, WPEX
Whipsaw collection (25nl, UB)
50nl, party
50ml, Paradise
100nl, 9 tabling
Minnie man, 10nl, FTP
Troyboy, 10nl, Stars
Jonny6678, 50nl, Stars
Red Cushion, 50nl, Stars
Offical video thread
How To Make a Video from Learning

Full Ring No Limit
Full Ring Master Sticky
Lingo & Abbreviations
CMARs detailed post on searching and filtering
Great first time playing live thread for low-limit gamblers
FRNL March 2007 Digest
FRNL May 2007 Digest
FRNL June 2007 Digest
FRNL July 2007 Digest
FRNL August 2007 Digest
Short video of 4 tabling 50NL FR on Stars and "how-to" (Mr_Donktastic)
10NL Video: Week 1 (xxrod17xx )
10NL Full Ring Video: Week 2 (xxrod17xx)
Full Ring Weekly 10NL Video: 3 (xxrod17xx)
10NL FR Video 4 (xxrod17xx)
10NL FR Video 5:No Audio (xxrod17xx)
Some full ring videos on Stars (Van Broken) 1/2NL, 2 tables; 2/4NL, 2 tables; .5/1NL, 4 tables
25NL Video (ship_it_trebek)
NL10 video (bottomset)
Yet Another $10NL Video (Cry Me A River)
***Video*** NL25 on Stars 2 tables... (skydancing8)
***Video*** 100max 4 tbl on Stars (skydancing8)
Pooh-Bah Posts & PSAs
MyTurn2Raise: Playing the Blinds versus Limpers
D.L.M.: uhhh yeah im a Pooh Bah now, wtf?????
Cry Me A River: The Bluffing Thread
Cry Me A River: Get A Life!
1p0kerboy: a few tidbits about TABLE SELECTION
The Main: Inside the mind of a nit
diebitter: How to improve your game
FR AIM Screenname Thread
Reasonable Win Rates at NL100
The Well
The Well: Grand Mellon 07/15/07
The Well: Cameronbarry 07/07/07
The Well: Bottomset 07/03/07
The Well: DLM 05/24/07
The Well: Cry Me a River 04/24/07
The Well: 1p0kerboy 04/06/07
The Well: Berge20 02/23/07
The Well: Mr_Donktastic 02/19/07

Small Stakes MTT
MTT Frequently Asked Questions v1.5 (READ BEFORE POSTING!)
Game Selection and Overall Strategy
Burningyen Compares Tournament Structures at the Major Sites
Adanthar's Quick Guide to Qualifying for Big Events through Satellites plus his updated post
CardSharpCook Can't Drive 55 - LIMIT Hold Em Strategy
Shaundeeb's Beginner Guide to 180s
Early Stages of Tournament Play
Che Argues That Survival During the Early Stages is Not an End in Itself
Woodguy Isn't Good Enough to Pass Up Small Edges Early (And Neither Are You)
How Much of an Edge Would the Best Players Fold Early? (Includes comments by Paul Phillips and Greg Raymer)
Mason's Question About Chip Value and Doubling

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 10/25/05
Posts: 2627
Loc: Folding Split Pots
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: Cry Me A River]
      #11951966 - 09/04/07 10:41 PM

Wow CMAR, you amaze us every day with the great stuff you bring to this forum, thanks for putting this all together.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 12/20/04
Posts: 2976
Loc: holdin' a big pair
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: RyanCMU]
      #11951997 - 09/04/07 10:44 PM

I'm... overwhelmed.

Nice collection.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 06/02/05
Posts: 3254
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: the_main]
      #11952022 - 09/04/07 10:46 PM

Holy crap dude I am going to have to read every link now and you know how long that takes?

Seriously you gotta stop doing this stuff.

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The drug-free MVP

Reged: 06/28/05
Posts: 18508
Loc: Evolving Day-By-Day
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: the_main]
      #11952023 - 09/04/07 10:46 PM

OMG...I just creamed myself

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Reged: 01/31/07
Posts: 200
Loc: UK, Leicestershire & Hertfords...
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: the_main]
      #11952034 - 09/04/07 10:46 PM

Woah. Awesome =)

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Reged: 12/09/06
Posts: 287
Loc: Making bankrolls unseif
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: Cry Me A River]
      #11952085 - 09/04/07 10:50 PM

Good work. Looks like there might be some interesting links in there.

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Reged: 05/30/07
Posts: 2118
Loc: Purdue
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: Ctrl.Dominate]
      #11952107 - 09/04/07 10:52 PM

A+...well done, sir. Between this, diebitter's work with hand ranges, and Berge's expertise, it's pretty clear that this board has the best mods on 2+2. Keep up the great work, guys.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 10/14/06
Posts: 3691
Loc: dude i suck.
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: Kos13]
      #11952278 - 09/04/07 11:09 PM


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Chargers In 07

Reged: 09/02/07
Posts: 1383
Loc: DERB of Micro/Small stakes
Re: The Collective Wisdom of 2+2 [Re: the_main]
      #11952297 - 09/04/07 11:10 PM


I'm... overwhelmed.

Nice collection.

furthermore, it's very nice to see such a contribution from you since you've become a mod. very nice job.

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