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PL/NL Texas Hold'em >> Full Ring

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Cry Me A RiverModerator
Like Tears In Rain

Reged: 06/15/04
Posts: 4866
*** FRNL August 2007 Digest ***
      #11936851 - 09/03/07 09:32 PM

If I've missed anything good please post in this thread!!

I think I've been a little more inclusive this month, at least there are quite a few more hand history posts than previous months. This also reflects the growth of this forum over the summer and the continuously improving quality of posts.

I may or may not tighten things up again next month. If you're someone who just reads the Digests, at least you can't say you have nothing to read

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***** Official August Goals thread *****
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Berge goes to Vegas

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Blind Defense (General Thoughts)
Pre-Flop Bet Sizing
FR Theory: Preflop 3-betting
FR Theory: Calling a tight raiser when in position?
Basic Strategy: Help me playing SCs at uNL

The continuation bet at micro stakes?
Donk Bet Defense Theory
I overvalue combo draws! HELP!
200NL Does the Yeti theorem apply to full ring too?
what % of the time do you slowplay sets?

Bankroll Management and Moving Up
how multi-tabling affects bankroll requirements
Moving up to NL50

Turning Pro: My Dilemma
When you double or triple you buy-in at a table...

Quality Hand Analysis and Other Discussion
10-25 Live NLHE: Bottom set gets action
5-10 PL Live - Flush hits on river and Villain bets it
Live 200 NL. Overpair in bloated pot vs morons; bad turn card
1/2 Live Flopped 8s full, then I freeze up

NL600 - 88 - Turned A Set.. Is It Good?
NL600, bluff in battle of blinds
NL600: Weird spot with AQ

400nl: TT rag flop vs reg donk bet
400nl: TPGK vs relative unknown half stack
400nl: Looks like a cooler, smells like a cooler, but ????????????????
NL400: QQ in blind battle
NL400: Bluff in RR pot
400nl: AA vs TAG reg who posted in CO. Stack-a-TAG?
NL400: JTs in blind battle
400NL AA - Do you value bet this river?
NL 400: For some reason I decide to play weird....
400: AA Considering Turn Check
400: Top 2 on Monoboard vs TAG IP
NL400 bottom full house facing a river raise.

NL200 - River overbet
200: AKs in the BB and the world wants a flop
NL200..extracting value with AQ from SB vs. Button raise
200NL Set versus a super tight opponent.
200 NL, 200+ BB deep, I massively overbet the river.
200 NL, third nuts facing river C/R, puke.
200NL Me vs BeatPurdue
NL200 Top Top Ugly board vs shortish stack
200NL KK on BTN. I should lay this down.
200: 99 Flops a Set on Crappy Board
NL200 Monster Nut draws, Donkey, DeepStacks in POSition

100NL: 3Bet AK Whiffs
100nl: AK vs reg
100NL - Push or Call preflop with big pairs
NL100 KK Commitment issues again
100NL: BvB vs. Reg
100NL : AA facing min raise on flop
100NL AA and KK vs. nits
NL100: Two Pairs, Unraised Pot.
100NL: JJ on double paired board
NL 100: Easy call versus 1P0kerboy.....but wait a sec, it might not be
NL100: A good hand on a scary board by the river...
100NL- QQ vs L/R
100NL AA in BB
100NL couple of oop big pair hands
100NL: 8-High Flush
NL100 bind defense vs 1p0kerboy. Am I weak-tight?
NL 100 3-bet with QQ against a LAG
100NL Calling Re-raises OOP... How bad is this?
NL100: 2 pair, river?
NL 100 AA gets raised on the flop. Is the always a fold?
100NL: Bottom Two

NL50 river fold?
NL50: Flopped Trips Meet C/R from SB
50NL KK get donked into on paired board flop... Help on all streets
$50NL KK RR pot, awesome turn card
$50NL-Hit miracle card facing river reraise All IN
50NL 99
50nl. Worst turn card in the deck against idiot.

25NL AK wierd preflop
25NL How should I play Top 2 pair next time?
25NL Thee 3rd nuts
NL25 - SPR in action?
NL25 AK in SB, need some REM help
25NL - AA first hand i'm dealt

NL10: Am I missing a valuebet here?
NL 10 players/flop question
NL10, flopped Monster draw (dbl belly and gut strt flush)
NL10 Playing AK from BB in raised pots is difficult

NL 5 - Firing on all street = spew at uNL?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 06/02/05
Posts: 3254
Re: *** FRNL August 2007 Digest *** [Re: Cry Me A River]
      #11936871 - 09/03/07 09:33 PM

Sweet nice job

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 12/20/04
Posts: 2976
Loc: holdin' a big pair
Re: *** FRNL August 2007 Digest *** [Re: TheProdigy]
      #11936905 - 09/03/07 09:35 PM


Thanks CMAR

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Mod of the nits

Reged: 06/23/04
Posts: 4989
Loc: Grinding Away
Re: *** FRNL August 2007 Digest *** [Re: the_main]
      #11937031 - 09/03/07 09:46 PM

gh...I need to finish that Vegas report. Thx for the reminder

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Mike Kelley
Desperately Seeking Title

Reged: 07/23/05
Posts: 2126
Loc: Reraising
Re: *** FRNL August 2007 Digest *** [Re: TheProdigy]
      #11937314 - 09/03/07 10:06 PM


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Mod of the nits

Reged: 06/23/04
Posts: 4989
Loc: Grinding Away
Re: *** FRNL August 2007 Digest *** [Re: Mike Kelley]
      #11937516 - 09/03/07 10:19 PM

It's in the Master Sticky

Please visit

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