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Loaded for bear

Reged: 08/05/05
Posts: 650
Loc: chicago
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: 0 Talbot 0]
      #11090876 - 07/07/07 03:42 AM


I think that the past 10 years give or take have seen really [censored] music. Mostly just brainwashed junk where nobody seems to stand out.

Nothing ever stands out. You have to look for anything you might like. Clearly you have given up looking.


Tell me what you think of this argument since you are one that has been in the buisiness for the past while.

I think you're a defeatist and you are destined not to enjoy music. If you wait for other people to thrust music under your nose, you'll be listening to nothing but crap for a long while, because that's what gets thrust at us. Music is not a spectator sport.

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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 16
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11090911 - 07/07/07 03:48 AM

So, anyway...Glen, here. Huge fan. Long-term record store employee. Old friend of Danielle who used to run Southern. "Racer-X" was one of the records that changed how I hear music. No, really.
Top Albini questions of the moment:
1) How old were you the first time you heard Kraftwerk?
2) Are you a fan of Gang of Four "Entertainment!"?
3) After recording "Light Sabre [censored]-Sucking Blues", what happened in the studio? (I worship that song)
4) When is "awesome" going to be over?
5) Could you tell, during the "Surfer Rosa" sessions that you were recording EXTREMELY influential music?
6) Can you hear me now?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 09/07/03
Posts: 3164
Loc: Fancy Hats Only
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: village]
      #11091590 - 07/07/07 06:01 AM

Sweet electric Jesus, these one-post wonders are annoying.

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Reged: 07/07/07
Posts: 2
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11092125 - 07/07/07 08:37 AM

Hey Steve - thanks for doing this.

One of my top 5 albums ever is Rid of Me. I still remember getting a copy in at my college radio station, putting on Rid of Me the song and having my ears [censored] blown off when the chorus kicked in. The songwriting is incredible and how you recorded PJ's guitar and Rob Ellis' drums really complements the material. I know that she wrote a lot of material before these sessions and put out a demos album of material later on with a couple of songs that didn't make it onto Rid of Me itself. I prefer the album versions of songs to the demos and I've always wondered, besides Reeling, what other songs did you record during those sessions that didn't make it onto the album?

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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 33
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11092154 - 07/07/07 08:48 AM

Obviously you seen alot of greats, but being a musician yourself did you ever wished of being a part of what they were making? Not in a technical sense more like a daydream way...and what band of course.

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Reged: 09/13/06
Posts: 2373
Loc: stpl, mn
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: ill.eatyourEYES]
      #11092285 - 07/07/07 09:26 AM


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Reged: 04/01/06
Posts: 1881
Loc: N, Wales UK
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: killsadie]
      #11092530 - 07/07/07 10:22 AM

1) Has Sklansky tapped Brandi?
2) Is SNG Butseks a bargain?
3) At what stakes does it become cooler to hang out with lame fishies who all play world of warcraft when you could be hanging out with your friends at a bar, or other drinking establishment.
4) Does hanging out with rockstars automatically get you unhandleable amounts of poon, even if they suck
5) Do guitar players have bigger peens than bassists
6) Do drummers always turn up late
7) Buttseks?
8) Have you ever been arrested, if so what for, if not then what would you suggest as a reasonable bribe
9) What is the coolest drug
10) When was your last fight, did you win

EDIT TO ADD: BBV would like to see you MSPaint skills, to prove you is fo real

Edited by samsdmf (07/07/07 10:24 AM)

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Reged: 02/20/05
Posts: 69
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: killsadie]
      #11092567 - 07/07/07 10:31 AM



Please explain. Thx.

Steve, again, thanks for answering my questions. You truly are a gentleman and a scholar.

1. If your cats could play poker, what kind of players would they be?

2. Have you ever fantasized of closing your studio and running and underground card room instead?

3. How much of a chip advantage do you think you would need in a heads-up, winner-take-all stud death-match vs. Phil Ivey?


EDIT TO ADD: samsdmf, that's more like it! Molto Bene!

Edited by arbuthnot (07/07/07 10:34 AM)

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Reged: 04/20/04
Posts: 295
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: willie]
      #11092631 - 07/07/07 10:45 AM


I recently moved to Chicago. I really like jazz/rock/fusion kind of guitar playing. John McLaughlin, Scott Henderson, Mike Landau, Joe Satriani, Mike Stern, Wayne Krantz and the like.

Any suggestions on bands to check out here in Chicago along those lines? Iím getting tired of all the George Benson wannabes at Andyís.

Edited by OrangeCat (07/07/07 10:58 AM)

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Reged: 07/07/07
Posts: 1
Loc: Aussie
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11092736 - 07/07/07 11:04 AM

Hey Steve, I Remember seeing you in Shellac in Brisbane in a little club once called Manhattans upstairs in the Valley around 1992, That was one interesting gig and one the stood in my mind ever since... Im just curious about when you played that gig in Bris I noticed that you strapped your guitar around your waist and up picked your guitar and picked as fast as the majority of guitar players down pick and all with a metal pick, and that you got your precision feed back on certain notes while grooving to your song...
My Question is do you still play guitar like that? or was it a phase of life you where going thru at the time ? or was it just part of the show? or is it because the gave the music some sort of ascetic appeal to you and the audience..
I think I havent seen anyone with such an unique guitar playing style since..Cheers for the show!! So do you still play in a band?
and have you been back to Australia since 1992 for more gigs?and does your studio entirely work with analogue gear ?
and do you ever use digital recording gear ? and whats your take on Stav's compression technic in Mixing with your Mind?

Edited by chistyle (07/07/07 11:11 AM)

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