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Reged: 09/02/02
Posts: 1627
Loc: Seattle, WA
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11084001 - 07/06/07 04:52 PM



Have you heard the Chicago band Black Nag (includes Dorian Taj from Articles of Faith)? What do you think of them?


I have not heard them. I would not hold AOF (who were ridiculous and terrible) against Dorian. He always seemed like an okay guy.

Just curious. My sister is their drummer/vocalist.


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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 3
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11084475 - 07/06/07 05:28 PM

this link was just posted on stereogum so apres moi, le indie pop deluge...

my question relates to The Wedding Present.

Seamonsters is widely considered their best effort. I think even Gedge would agree with that but they didn't stick with that sound on future albums. Did you have to convince them of the type of sound you were giving them on Seamonsters? Were they resistant or did you see eye to eye on the recordings? He's been known to have disagreements with sound engineers and producers.

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Loaded for bear

Reged: 08/05/05
Posts: 650
Loc: chicago
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: markoelreno]
      #11084732 - 07/06/07 05:47 PM


how do you keep your objectivity when it comes to your own performances (and bandmates, whom you are close with)?

Making a record isn't an objective exercise like counting peaches in a basket. Objectivity has no place in the creative part of the recording process. In the technical side, yes. The equipment and the technique need to be appropriate for the job, and most of the time that means operating everything within its technically-correct specifications, and with two engineers in the band, that part is pretty easy.

I am convinced that any decent art (including records) is made with a measure of disregard for its audience. Good art is an almost entirely selfish pursuit, in that the artist is doing something unique to him, and any outside perspective (this "objective" one) would be ignorant and unable to judge it completely. Having seen many bands go through the process, I am convinced that making concessions to the imaginary audience (or any "objective" considerations) almost always weakens the record.

Good records are made by freakishly-obsessed people, driven to do what only they can do, and their thinking and processes are often "objectively" wrong. Objective measures are at best a benchmark of mediocrity and shouldn't be in consideration.


How in particular did you get those (string) sounds and was it any different then just miking up, sans amp, an acoustic guitar or something like that?

Much of the string recording for the Low records was done in Minneapolis by Tom Herbers, and I shouldn't get credit for it. Some of it I did, and yes, I just put a microphone where it sounded good and pressed "record." Room acoustics are critical for string ensemble recording, and I'm lucky that I get to work in good-sounding rooms.

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J Christensen

Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 1
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: offyerhead]
      #11084745 - 07/06/07 05:48 PM

What, in your mind, makes Goat a better record than Liar? Just better songs? Production? I've always thought Liar was far and away the better record so I was just curious what your take on it is.

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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 1
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11085364 - 07/06/07 06:34 PM


If you are considering going into a recording program, I would strongly recommend going to a normal accredited university with a concentration in engineering, acoustics or music. Some schools offer a Tonmeister-equivalent recording program (UMass Lowell and University of Iowa used to, I don't know who does now).

I went to UMass Lowell as a music education major and they still offer a sound recording degree in the music department (most of my friends were in this major...and as a result, many people thought I was too). It is actually a music performance degree with an emphasis with in sound recording technology. You can also pursue SRT as a minor paired with electrical engineering or computer science. It is probably one of the few schools still actively teaching the art of analog recording. There are several projects which require students to cut and edit tape. Their senior studio is equipped with a 2" machine and all sorts of other neat equipment. They do also have digital equipment seeing as they are preparing people for a career that may include this technology.

UML also has a radio station, WUML, that despite taking a beating from the school's administration is still a great way to meet new people, hear cool music and practice your craft. Bob Weston's Live from the Fallout Shelter is still on the air on Monday nights.

Many of my friends have gone on to careers in the audio industry including post-production work (which earned one of them an Emmy), mastering and General Assistant at Avatar Studios in NYC.

I agree with Steve. Go for the university education. I have a few friends that went to NE Institute of the Arts (a 2 year trade style school) that I am positive did not get anywhere near the same experience as my friends at UML.

I am a poker idiot and therefore cannot ask any questions appropriate for this forum. Maybe when I get some courage later I'll post some sort of musical or recording related question. Or maybe I'll just ask what your favorite brand of peanut butter is...

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Loaded for bear

Reged: 08/05/05
Posts: 650
Loc: chicago
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: Guesstimater]
      #11085560 - 07/06/07 06:50 PM


Hi Steve. I'm a big fan. I hope this is really you.

Where did the name Rape Man come from? Was it named after someone specific?

I hear you like baseball. Do you play? Have you ever thought about owning a team? If so, I would like to be the manager, ha ha.

What is your philosophy for playing NLHE against bad, unpredictable players?

Who is the best Swingo player you know? Does he make a lot of money playing it?

Sorry for all the questions. I think I am just nervous or something.

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G Street

Reged: 05/24/07
Posts: 118
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: electrical]
      #11085615 - 07/06/07 06:54 PM

Thanks for the info on the bands I'll get started on that list soon as I get paid next week.

1)how do you feel about Kronos Quartet? if you like them can you suggest anything in that neighborhood?

2) Just a comment, I liked some songs on Exit the Dragon by Urge Overkill a lot, do they suck that bad? I believe you though, That lead singer guy was pulling some rock star B.S. when I saw him at a small (really tiny) Club a few years back when he was touring that solo album of his.

3) You may direct me to your forum, but are there any specific techniques you'd suggest for recording vocals at home alone on run of the mill digital equip (Audio Technica at2020 into a presonus tube pre into a yamaha aw-1600, before you say anything I got it all on the cheap) ? I'm specifically having trouble getting good levels when it's mixed w/ a few other inst.

4)If my stuff sucks badly is their any cheap(inexpensive) stuff you can suggest?

Sorry to be so selfish y'all but I had to jump at the chance.

Thanks for the gear tips too, I was looking for a rugged and inexpensive tube head and I don't wanna lug this vt-22 around.

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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 1
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity [Re: G Street]
      #11085930 - 07/06/07 07:21 PM

Hi Steve, just curious as to other music you're into, like electronic stuff....do you ever listen to any of this? Techno/abstract/whatever....doesn't have to be recent, go as far back as you like.

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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 1
electrical audio [Re: subverter]
      #11086033 - 07/06/07 07:28 PM

Steve, have you ever used old speakers as mics on kickdrums or bass cabs?

What mics do you like for drum overheads?

Ever heard any recording efforts by Alex Newport?

Do you read TapeOp?

Do you have any interest in football?

Edited by terryb (07/06/07 07:39 PM)

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Reged: 07/06/07
Posts: 1
Re: electrical audio [Re: terryb]
      #11086173 - 07/06/07 07:42 PM

I have two questions. The First is about the albums you have recorded for the band the EX. These records have such a great vibe to them and capture them so well. Is there anything you can say about how the are in the studio?

And second, I once read that originally Fugazi recorded "In on the Kill Taker" with you, then both parties agreed they should do it again. Is there anything you can tell us about that?


Edited by mckinley (07/06/07 07:44 PM)

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