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PL/NL Texas Hold'em >> Small Stakes

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 10/30/04
Posts: 14710
Loc: 1 time
The Well: Clayton
      #8176195 - 11/26/06 01:00 AM

A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except Tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer" .

The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down: Why not on Tuesday? and the voice from in the well shouts back: Because on Tuesday, itís your day in the well .


Definitely not going to classes tomorrow, and I'm in a helping mood. Consider this my well entry.

Now until 1am EST tomorrow I'll answer anything you guys ask.


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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 01/09/06
Posts: 4622
Loc: Donking it up
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: Clayton]
      #8176201 - 11/26/06 01:01 AM

what do you think of snakes?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 10/30/04
Posts: 14710
Loc: 1 time
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: snakekilla88]
      #8176214 - 11/26/06 01:02 AM


what do you think of snakes?

I consider them admirable creatures, though the recent movie with Samuel L. Jackson has made me slightly scared of them. I live in Georgia and the rare snake I will see there, I will do best to get the hell away from.

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2p2 Legend

Reged: 02/12/06
Posts: 7933
Loc: wafflecrushing your sister
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: Clayton]
      #8176270 - 11/26/06 01:09 AM

your poker history?

red or black?

ship it holla or ship it crucial?

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Reged: 03/25/05
Posts: 213
Loc: Are you watching closely?
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: tufat23]
      #8176283 - 11/26/06 01:10 AM

You usually have classes on Sunday...wtf?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 01/09/06
Posts: 4622
Loc: Donking it up
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: tufat23]
      #8176286 - 11/26/06 01:11 AM

least favorite poster?

good players on 200nl?

post your fish list

tell me a joke and make it a good one

I've got nothing but love for you clayt :-D, thanks for doing this.

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Reged: 11/23/06
Posts: 99
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: snakekilla88]
      #8176308 - 11/26/06 01:15 AM

Thanks for doing this....
I'm wondering about a situation which i have trouble figuring out the standard, or usually correct play. When you have AK on the button or CO and EP has raised, and MP has re-raised what do you do preflop....if you don't fold preflop what do you do if you completly miss the flop or hit it with TPTK.

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Reged: 06/16/05
Posts: 1315
Loc: TorontoCanada
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: heehaaw1]
      #8176320 - 11/26/06 01:17 AM

how many hands do you think you've played lifetime?

what's the breakdown by stakes?

when did you start playing poker seroiusly?

put the following skills in order of importance: value betting, bluffing, folding big hands, reads, preflop skill, switching gears

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20k hands/day

Reged: 10/19/06
Posts: 2890
Loc: ucla
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: Rotterdaum]
      #8176365 - 11/26/06 01:28 AM

what makes you better than other 200NL regulars?

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 10/30/04
Posts: 14710
Loc: 1 time
Re: The Well: Clayton [Re: tufat23]
      #8176370 - 11/26/06 01:28 AM


your poker history?

currently sophomore at UGA, started spring of senior year of HS, which is Jan of '05. Used Homer's bankroll building guide to turn $100 into approx $1500 by March (a $500 score in a donkament helped) but played more tournaments at that point, and that combined with stress from schooling (getting into college blabla) and poor bankroll management made me BUSTOO.

However I am stubborn, god knows why my parents let me do this, but I started in May '05 with $300 again and basically played .5/1 and 1/2 limit on Party 4-tabling as my job. I built it up to around $2500 which was good for college. Focused on small SNGS with my newly crippled bankroll and had a freak $2k score in a $11 party multi around october, which was 1 day later after splitting/[censored] up a dating-thing with a hot girl, so surprising life tilt resulting in awesome pokar. This gave me spending money for the rest of the fall break, and around december I had to rebuild.

In the last few months of my freshman first semester I finally met some other people in real life that were interested in poker, guys now known as the team domeski crew. i played in homegames with them on my $2kish roll in .5/1 nl with $500 buyin, but I bought in for $100 like a good boy and played nitty. I never really understood NL at this point as I was raised on limit and the push/fold mentality of sitngos. More than 2+2, more than anything else, I learned more about the basics and cincepts of NL through watching and playing with Jeff, Taylor B, Taylor D, Nick, and Baldy. Through some very terse encouragement I was told to get down to NL immediately, so I put in $1000 at Bodog and played .5/1 full ring attentively. I didnt start out well by playing some hands just awfully (not laying down big hands when it was clear I was up against a better hand for large bets in smallish pots), but I rebounded and managed to get my roll up around $3000, at which point I delved into the Party NL games. At this point I really think I still didnt get NL, as I played really linearly and pulled a lot of FPS moves that were better suited for tournaments. An 8-buyin downswing in one session at 200nl confirmed this, and I was partly distraught in my abilities. Back to learning I went on my bankroll now almost cut in half, and I really read through some 2p2 stuff trying to get a better grasp at what I was doing wrong. This also coincided with me mixing more limit poker (holdem and o8 and stud8) back into my game to get me more comfortable.

Around early March I break up with a girlfriend of 1.5 months and am on extreme life tilt, next day I win the Dise 11r PalmTree for 5.8k. Suddenly my bankroll is 10k, which is disgusting at the time. I was doing well with 1/2 nl, but this reached a level i was definitely unfamiliar with. I immediately began playing 5/10 limit on a 1000bb roll figuring to crush the world, but i had a 1.5k downswing and cashed out a lot of money with a lack of confidence in my game.

From march to may i basically focus on owning the world, and play 1/2 and 2/4 nl with better results, being more experienced in NL play. I also go to Turning Stone and meet up with a bunch of 2p2ers, and lots of fun times are had. I take a shot at 3/6 with a 7k roll and built it up to 15k very quickly, at which point I start playing 1knl and 3/6nl. Unfortunately I run pretty bad and get torn up by guys like rebirth and sneginka, and the bankroll shrinks to 5k pretty soon, very exasperating given the circumstances that my college check of 2.2k was due soon. This lead to passivity in my poker game , but fortunately through some poker staking I was able to get back onto my feet and play aggressive poker back onto a good roll. Currently I am playing 200 and 400nl on a really deep roll and plan on playing with a 100 buyin bankroll so much as it permits me to move up in limits. I recently had a massive downswing in 400 and 200 over at Fulltilt to the tune of approximately 10k (2k in live 5/10 at Niagara, 6k at 2/4, 2.5k at 1/2). This lead to me being really distraught at my abilities. Upon getting a cardrunners membership I am able to fix a lot of leaks in my game, and then upon moving to Stars crush the 1/2 game to almost erase my downswing. Right now I would say my game is pyscho aggressive and thinking, and I am continuing to learn every day. Only in the last 2 months or so, in spite of playing lower than earlier, am I really beginning to "get it" concerning NL holdem. I can expound on that if asked.


red or black?

not betting on black is criminal


ship it holla or ship it crucial?

i hold the opinion that EM2 is god since I model my poker game after his, so definitely crucial

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